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yes, you can earn as an amazon associates

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We are Amazon associates

Amazon has made some wonderful progress, and all of it makes your Amazon associates account so much easier to navigate and share.  I am, for one, very happy they finally did this.  With using the Internet as your prime business location it only seems fair that anyone from other countries visiting your page or review can purchase from YOU should they choose.

I just completed my Amazon Associates links for the USA, Canada, and the UK!  Brilliant plan.  I personally love it and I am sure you will too.  After all, isn’t that why we are Affiliate Marketers?  Yes. Exactly.  The one way we can passively share our recommendations with others, perhaps like you, and at the same time, earn a little income to pay for the space we occupy online.

What I would like to do for you, is share how easy it can be to set up IF you are not in the USA and do not see the words New Launching One Link….get started here in your Amazon associates back office. Yes, sorry, it is not there, not yet anyway for Canada.  I can’t speak for the UK but my guess is going with it is the same as in Canada.

The nice thing is you can still do it, you just have a few more steps to do.

Back Office for Canada and the UK Associates ID

What you should see just right below your name in the upper right-hand corner is Site Stripe:  Not One Link.  So you know, or in case you don’t know this yet, the quickest and easiest way to link to any page on Amazon is to use your Associates SiteStripe. The SiteStripe toolbar will appear at the top of every page you visit on Amazon if you are logged in to Amazon using your same Amazon account as you use for Associates.

To build a link to a page with the SiteStripe, simply go to the page you want on Amazon and click the ‘Get Link: Text’ button on the SiteStripe at the top.  It’s that simple.

They have also made it so much easier to create your product links with banners or texts or images.  Not so complicated anymore!  Here is an easy tutorial that a friend of mine shared, and if you are not familiar with this part of the back office it will most certainly help.

And now the ONE LINK starting from Canada and joining the US and the UK.  I am going to do this in as few and simple steps as possible.  The biggest trick is to follow the steps in Amazon as you go along.

  1. Sign in to your account in Canada
  2. Open a new browser window and go to and sign up for an account
  3. Open another browser and go to Amazon.UK and sign up for an account.

Here is another excellent tutorial for Amazon by another awesome friend at Wealthy Affiliate University that I met.  He is doing the US side but I did find that having seen this first makes it that much simpler if you are in Canada and joining.  When you see the pictures Jeremy has it will help you to recognize where you are and what you need to do next.

The only big difference is you will not get a phone call to verify.  You just have to click on the get verification button.

Why an Amazon Associates Link and Not eBay or Click Bank?

My findings when it came to monetizing my blogs was that having too many different associate partners was time-consuming and could look a bit messy and rather like a Dept.Store than a blog.  Not everyone sees it this way, and the truth is I didn’t either when I first started this journey.

Heck, I didn’t even know what all this ‘stuff’ was, never mind figuring out how to get it into a blog!!  It is very tempting to go after what so many are telling you about digital products but that is not the whole story.  Not by a long shot.  They don’t tell you about a lot of things.  You will have to figure that one out on your own time.

I did have a look at the others, and I did consider it but then I had to stop and think about who I made purchases from on the Internet and who I was most happy with.  And it was not Click Bank, Commission Junction or eBay!  No, it was Amazon.  If I trusted Amazon to make my own personal purchases from didn’t it make sense that you might too?

Have you ever had an issue with Amazon that was not dealt with promptly and efficiently?  I know.  I thought of those things too.  Anybody can make something sound exciting and enticing but actions speak louder than those words.  And the other really important thing to remember is, you NEVER EVER pay to be an affiliate!

It is true that as an affiliate, amazon associates do not pay

If you see a program and they are talking that ‘Big Talk’ but ask you for some L$$T up front it is not an affiliate program.  You would be a consultant representing the company in that case.

And Now BAck To Amazon and Why!

Like I said above, Amazon handles all the details for you.  Shipping, payments, returns, and reviews!  If you want to do a Drop Shipping type business and set up your store online you can do that too.  That is a whole other learning curve, and a costly one.

Share-A-Sale and other Affiliate programs are done like Amazon and they represent a lot of companies as well.  Often many that are not found on Amazon so this is indeed another platform to consider.  Very easy to join and get set up with your own link.  From there you apply to the company’s that match your niche.  They will visit your site and either approve or nada.

You have to start somewhere if you want to monetize your blog or set up your own website with product choices.  If there is anything I can suggest it is to learn how to set up your blog or website first.  Get your content started and visitors finding you.  I know, we think it will be as easy as 1,2,3.  It can be, IF you:

  • Learn the how-to First
  • Get those eyes on your content ( visitors)
  • Google+ and the other social sites are huge…be there…


One Last Thing…………

I saved the Best for Last because it is probably the most important step you will take in starting your online career.  Ready?…………..Drum Roll Puhleaze!………….

build a website first then become one of the amazon associates

If you are serious about starting your own business online and earning an income you have a couple of things to do first.  Yes, sorry but you don’t get to just think it into action. It does require learning a few things.  And just in case you have that horrible syndrome called ‘Glitz & Glam’ you will want to take a pill and cure yourself quickly because most don’t work as they claim they do.

What I am about to share with you is free to try……well, actually it is free anyway you look at it if you like! Yeah, that is just the way that things go at Wealthy Affiliate University.  We all start FREE and then if you see yourself being serious about learning and building your own business……..well then………that would be the time to think about an upgrade.

I know it is a little crazy!  No CC required.  I was just visiting a site that I had seen being shared on google+ and they were calling it an affiliate program BUT when I checked further they were asking for my credit card details as I was going to be billed monthly.  It was the first time the word consultant came up.

The reason I mention this is because far too many are not what they seem or that they portray themselves to be.  It is a marketing tactic.  Is it wrong?  No.  Is it fair play?  No again.  Keep your eyes open as well as your options.  Be smart.

With that being said, here is your  yes, it is free to be one of the amazon associates and you can take that all the way to the bank!  Wealthy Affiliate University is where you should start.  If you will is entirely up to you.  You have everything to gain by having a look.  Your success online will be achieved in inches, not miles of progress as you begin.  Don’t you want the best chance you can have?  I did.  It can change your life.

⇓Click on the image below for your own live preview.⇓

wealthy affiliates is free as is being one of the amazon associates


One last point to make, which is hardly the least.  If and only if you want to make life much much easier with your Amazon Links and the new site stripe and one link, you might want to check out Amazon’s Affiliate Link Builder.  It is not free, but then again it is not super expensive either.


And now it is time to turn the keyboard over to you!  If you have questions or thoughts I would love for you to share those in our comments section or maybe just be the one click wonder and share or like on one of the social icons. As you will learn, this is key so I really appreciate you taking the time today.  You are awesome and I hope you have an awesomely awesome day!!……….READY?……….

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