How To Avoid Being Scammed Online Using these Tips

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

avoid getting scammed online

Avoid Being Scammed Online Using these tips

Yes, their eyeballs are on you!!  Just waiting for you to miss the clues and avoid being scammed online!  They are everywhere and boy are they good!  I think they all went to copywriting school and then acting lessons!  Have you ever watched one of those hyped up swearing in your face videos promising you an income in a few weeks?  And we are talking big money!


So it is the time we switched roles or at least eyeballs!  Let’s get our eyeballs on them!!  Make some mental notes and stay ahead of the game.

keep your eyes open to avoid being scammed online

I guess we should kind of expect it considering they would probably throw their Gran under the bus if it meant taking your money!!  Greed is an evil thing and we see so much of it.  Not everyone is the leader of the pack, no, not even close!  They are the ones who have not learned how to avoid being scammed online and are trying to convince you to join them so they can make their money back.  Not the big boys, just the ones struggling and dreaming.  They have been fooled really good!

Are there any surefire ways to avoid being scammed online?  I think there are a few and mostly they come from experience.  Yes, mine and a couple of other trusted people who have shared with me so I can share with you.  If there is anything totally frustrating it is seeing these ‘Guru’ Masters of Nothing but greed taking advantage of people.

People just like you and me who only wanted to earn some extra income from home.  Maybe there is a health issue so you no longer can work and the disability pay only feeds the squirrels or like so many we weren’t able to save like we wanted and sleeping in your car when you retire is just not going to cut it!  With so many jobs being cut we have to do something different and these ‘slime-buckets’ know that!!

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed Online

avoid being scammed online

I am going to do these in a point form format as it is easier to read.  They are in random order so no one is worse than the other.  They are all bad-to-the-bone!!  And is there a difference between being fraudulent or being scammed?  A good question to keep in your mind.


1. Anything that is asking you for your credit card to see if you qualify to become part of the team! Yes, this one is really real and I think they lost everything in the end, including a wife or two. It was more than a few years ago but there are others that are similar.

Here is what they will be asking you to do.

a.)  fill out the forms and fax them to a certain # along with your deposit. RED FLAG!!
b.) They will get back to you with confirmation and it is here that you will be asked to come up with that  large lump sum of money to invest in the business and yourself.

What they have just done is run you through a FUNNEL SYSTEM! They pull you in and then spit you back out. You have to be lightning fast if you suspect anything once they have your money to either threaten them with reporting to your CC company or a refund. They do not like to be reported as that is a huge red flag for the CC company and even PayPal.

The Funnel system, if used properly can be a good thing but no one I know likes the idea or wants to be shoved into the funnel and spit out the other end. Talk about a bad hair day!!

bad hair days ahead if you don't avoid being scammed online






2. You have just been told about an opportunity that a friend of a friend is making a lot of money with. They ask you to attend a live webinar on your computer and see what you think. Okay, fair. You trust your friend. Here is what really happens.

The Webinar is jacked up and exciting and there are a few people joining in the feed to share their success. Everyone seems really genuine, but what is it? What is this product? Funny, that never comes up. They are talking more about a platform where you will learn from the best. Training like no other. And if you go right now you can try this for 30 days for just a few dollars.

Okay, that sounds fair. So you go in and soon find yourself more than a little confused as you are in webinar after webinar and meeting rooms galore. You are jumping from one to the other trying to learn something and at the same time, you are asked to share this same system with others. Hmmmmmmm? What is it? No, you still do not know AND you do not know the final price tag.

It is a hyped up way of getting everyone excited. No one wants to miss out, right? Of course, you don’t and heck, you can relate to a few of these people sharing their success stories. We all want that too.

Your time is up, and it is now time to continue and the shock that comes is pretty big!
$150.00 a month!!!!! A month! For what? For telling others that they should come and try this and make a boatload of money too. Guess how you are making your money???? Anyone? Yup, you are recruiting others and getting paid every time one of them pays the $150.00 membership. Yes, the commission structure is really that good.

Are they getting $150.00 worth of training?  No.  This really comes down to the tactic being used.  It is a fine line because they have it structured so that their service appears to have more value than what you are paying.  That is how they get around the legality.

Scammy part? Not being upfront with your friends who may or may not have a spare $150.00 laying around. I for one felt like I was hiding something. Keeping a big secret and asking people to trust me!! Would you trust me if I did that to you? I know I wouldn’t.
Bottom line: Do not sign up for something or give your cc # without knowing what you are getting first. If they cannot be honest about this then it is not what you want.

3. Here is an all-time favorite and you see this happening all the time. I call these mini-scams because you are not losing your entire shirt here. More like your pride for being so naive! Seriously when was the last time you looked at doing a survey? What did they pay per survey? 10cents maybe? And of course you have to qualify to do the surveys and those are the ones that pay out more bucks and you never seem to qualify.

In defense of a few that are pretty darn good, this is more of a hobby than a home business.  You would have to be taking a lot, I mean a LOT of surveys every day to make a decent living.

The other silly part of this one is you don’t have to recruit anyone! REALLY? And always being over-sold with unrealistic numbers.  Then you are selling this program because?…. Just for fun? You see these on facebook groups a lot. Especially the ones that are set up to “you like my page and I will like yours in return”  Word of caution.  Facebook does not like this sort of behavior so do this at your own risk.

4. Digital Products you Buy and can Re-Create as your own. You can sell or give away. They offer tons of products and most look petty darn good. Something you would use yourself. The cost is not terribly high, and it doesn’t have to be to be scam-worthy. What is happening in most of these cases is the products are:

a) outdated
b) you can find free online if you search
c) most of them do not open once you have them downloaded.
d) product is not at all what they indicated on the sales page.

The red flag here is these are digital products and you cannot get a refund once you have purchased and downloaded. Yes, it is in the wee small print that we need a magnifying lens to read it with! So you might be out say $40 or $50 because you got the whole shebang at a reduced sale price.  Not a lot of money, no.  But the principle is the same!

look carefully at the details to avoid being scammed online

5. Last one for today! You see it is not always a certain company or person to watch out for. It sure does help and is always appreciated, but it is more about the techniques they use or the traits that are similar to most of these kinds of people. They usually all have something similar that sends up a red flag.

And No, if you are new to looking at earning from home online, you would not know. Listen to that little voice or that feeling in your gut. It is probably your perception talking to you and you need to listen. I don’t know how many times I didn’t do that and wished I had.

It is always a SCAM! It can also be bogus information or products that are totally useless to you. The thing is, there are so many ways they will fool you. The hardest to deal with are those guys that are so clever they have you believing and wanting more! You can taste it and they love that part. They have you right where they want you.  The storyline is so compelling it is hard not to relate.

Then you do your first purchase only to discover that if you really want to be successful you need B.C.D & E. products to do this. It just never stops.

The other thing that really stands out is the professionalism they deliver with. The photos are professional, the script is articulate and you want to be just like them. Of course, you do! We are not here searching the internet for ways to make money just ’cause’!

‘Park’ this and ask yourself is If it was this easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it?
Now, Get Going to Get better!!



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