Baby Boomers, Generation X Y Debt Loads At Alarming Highs

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Merry Conner

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baby boomers generation x y

 Baby Boomers, Generation X Y Debt Loads High & Rising

 seniors baby boomer debt load


  This Just Revealed & It is Alarming

Figures are alarming for senior and baby boomer debt load
Baby Boomers, Generation X Y Debt loads are increasing at alarming rates and we need to address this and share ways we can help.  It is always sad to see debt causing excess stress, but when we see our baby boomers generation XY debt loads increasing at alarming speeds like this, and knowing they feel helpless to change it. Hard to not want to step up and help.

This is happening right now and the facts are concerning. If you don’t fit somewhere in the baby boomers generation X Y then it could be your parents.Are you are in a position to help financially.  Most aren’t.  How do you feel about that?  My point exactly.

Is there something they could possibly do to help themselves?  Everyone wants to stay independent as long and they should be able to do this!  Time to step up and show them there is a way.

here to help the baby boomers generation x y

In some cases this baby boomers generation x y debt load is because of poor planning and in other cases, it was totally out of that person’s control. Illness and disability play a large role in the Baby Boomers debt load.  Generation  X Y single parent families and low-income jobs are also part of the equation.  We are not here to judge we are here to help.

I am just as sympathetic to what is happening in our world as the next person, and more needs to be done.  What are we missing?  The point of my doing an article like this is to show our seniors or parents and the Boomer population that it is not just a young person’s world in online marketing.  You have options and if you are open to it, you can learn.  You can be in charge again.  So I have two that I would highly recommend you look at if you are open to that.



Can We Help Reduce Baby Boomers Generation X Y debt loads?


Yes, I  there are some ways.  It might take a little bit of believing okay a LOT of believing by a Lot of people but it is doable. It is being done!  Look at this proof here.    What I am getting at is REAL WORK AT HOME PROGRAMS that are affordable for anyone, Boomers, generation X, disabled or Y=younger!

Yes, you will have to work at it, but don’t you think you and your neighbor who is in debt up to their eyeballs might like to have the option of learning HOW you can make this debt thing go away?


When I was diagnosed with a terrible rare disease I could no longer continue in my chosen career I was devastated!  What would or could I do?  When you can’t continue working it becomes a very real problem.  And when it’s not your choice it becomes even more real!

There are many diseases in our lives that have no known cure and some are rarer than others. The thing is it happens!  And people have to learn to cope the best way they can.  Just not alone.

Okay, so here is where I am going with this. I know you are already getting that skeptical look on your face. It’s okay, I get it!  But this is the way many are going and making it work.  Go back up⇑ and re-read that article I shared.  And there are more just like that.  It is hard to say I am ‘disabled’!  No one likes to be labeled or feel that they cannot be in charge of their future.  Damn.  It just sucks!


You are human, not a robot.  It is common sense that you would be skeptical.  What I am suggesting is free to try, so no CC required.  And the best part…….. they get this ⇓seal.⇓

legit ways for baby boomers generation x y to get out of delbt

(I do encourage everyone to research any suggested programs first.)


Suggestions for Baby Boomers generation x y Debt Loads

(You never know, this could be just what will work for you)

safe and legit for baby boomers generation x y



Plan #1
Karatbars International has put acquiring gold bullion within reach of people around the world by making it more affordable, more accessible and more transaction friendly than anywhere.

With Karatbars people can get off the debt wheel and create real long-term inflation-proof savings.  Not the Stock Market!!  NO!!  That scares me.  If you want a clearer understanding this might help, there are two videos to see.   Go Here  

With their e-Commerce platform and their powerful affiliate system, you can literally get paid in both cash and gold for saving money and showing others how to do the same.  If you want to help someone find a little gold in those ‘Golden Years’ this could very well be the best thing you could show them.  And YES, you can do this for free and earn your way!

  1. Register for FREE and examine the program further.
  2. Get in touch with anyone for help and guidance.
  3. With a DNA Certificate attached to all gold purchased.  It is the Real Deal.

My passion lies in helping not hindering individuals. We do not have the right to point fingers, judge or assume anything about anyone or their circumstances.  We do, however, have the right to do our homework and know that what we are sharing is the truth, to encourage them to take the necessary steps to make the changes happen.  And that is exactly what is happening here.  Here is a review of one that is not so forthcoming.

A possible Plan #2 for You

Plan #2

I hear it all the time and I see it everywhere. You would be surprised at how many people know less than you do about a computer, using social media, or the Internet. Everyone had to start somewhere. We all have to take the steps to learn and improve our own situation as best we can.  Are you ready?

Alarming stats show seniors and baby boomer debt load high
‘Change does not happen without Action’.   The Baby Boomers Generation  X Y debt load article I saw showed only a few taking the necessary steps to try and help themselves. These were the ones doing something actionable.  They were taking the steps everyone needs to take to see change happen.

we can all start over

If you don’t know how to do something, then you find where you can learn how! It is not a race to the finish, but a gradual climb. Sometimes we have to slow down to go fast. One Step at a time. Don’t be afraid of change or think you can’t possibly learn something new. You Can!  If I can, You can!  If others can, You can.  Look at what this marketer shared.

the alarming rate of seniors and baby boomer debt load is high
Here is where I found the best training, with the simplest of ease and the most help I have ever seen in any community.   I, know I sound like one of those flakey guys/gals we see doing the fancy talking and driving fancy cars. But I’m not. I’m just like you. Trying to stay ahead of the game. Treading water so as not to drown in debt like hundreds of thousands of others. Just like you might be.  Take that first step.  You have so much to gain.


This is what you call marketing that is passive in nature. Marketing that does not require you to buy products monthly or recruit your best friend! A way that does not cost you anything to take part in. That’s right. You could have a niche like say ‘cooking or baking’ and you write recipes and articles to share with others and you are affiliated with the companies that sell the products, everything someone needs to do the baking with.  Amazon is huge for this.


Maybe you love coffee. You can write about the best coffee and machines that make that coffee and when someone clicks on your link and goes to purchase the machine.  And then, YES, you get paid an affiliate commission.

So are you able to see where I am coming from? Can you see how this is actually possible?   Good.
Now that I have your attention for a minute, here is the place I found where they teach you EVERYTHING YOU need to know to do this. And yes, members are as young as 20 and as old as 79 so excuses don’t count!

What is it?

It is an online training platform where you can get two free websites, get free training and then an offer ( just one) to upgrade for more options. Totally worth the upgrade. It is completely up to you! The training is at your own pace, and everyone helps and encourages everyone else. There is no dumber than dumber here.  Wealthy Affiliate University is where anyone can learn and they do.

debt load sky rockets for seniors and baby boomer debt

I know this is not for everyone, and the whole reason for my post is in case you know someone with baby boomers or generation x debt load or someone else who deserves more than they have in their lives right now.
Some of us want more, and most of us need more. Today I am just the voice of the messenger delivering knowledge so you can make your own choice.  There are a lot of ways to make extra income. So here are just a few other ideas to help stretch that income or imagination:

  • Pizza Delivery
  • Dog Walking
  • Holding Garage Sales
  • Babysitting

Finding legitimate ways to get the help that people need is a priority. I am tired of seeing people being taken advantage of.  If you were like me and were one of those, you can bet your boots I am not going to do that to you or anyone else!


If you can remember, worry, or tie your shoes, you can succeed. ~ Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Time to turn the keyboard over to you.  Have a question, a comment, something to say, please do.  Or, if you are shy, likes and shares are huge in appreciation.  One click and you’re done.  Thanks, and over to you now…. stay awesome!

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