The Best Home Business to Start in 2018 Will Surprise You!

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

best home business to start in 2018

Top 3 choices for the Best Home Business to Start in 2018


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Ladies, has anyone else had this kind of experience?

This may seem a bit odd, or even out in left field, but why do we expect things to be FREE when it comes to learning or starting a business online? I don’t know if that is you or even if you ever thought that way, but I can tell you at one time I did. I know! How embarrassing is that to have to admit? ……..But on the other side of the coin, in my defense and maybe yours too, if you experienced something similar it is no wonder!

they said it was free but not if you want the best home business to start in 2018

I am talking about all the ‘so-called Gurus’ and Masterminds who were there to teach us how to make thousands of dollars in record time and all for nothing!!! Well, after you see this kind of stuff long enough, you do start to believe that:
1. it is free
2. it is easy
3. if you believe it, it will happen.  Just lay back on the sofa, martinis in hand…and watch the money pour in.

Don’t get me wrong, because I know you soon realized there was a price to pay too. So what did we have that these so-called ‘good guy, gurus’ taught us? Not much, and certainly not the best home business to start in 2018 or any other year!!  They taught us to believe that it was set up to be free.  Just long enough to get the feel of things and get excited and then the hammer came down and the pressure to pay for more and more and more was in front of you.

Getting the Best Doesn’t Always Mean A High Sticker Price

Think about this.  Is anything that’s of great quality and really in-depth information, ever totally 100% free? No!  And that’s because nobody is going to put in hundreds of hours of their own time to create valuable content for free. I mean, I wish they did, but that’s not the reality of life. We all need to make a living. Don’t you? That is why you are reading this, right? So you can start your business online?

We have been engrained to believe that everything should be free and easy on the internet.  That myth needs to be removed or you and so many others will never find the best guide to starting your own business in 2018.  My goal is to share what I think after some research and consideration for myself to be the best home business to start in 2018.  I narrowed it down to 3.  That is a nice number and it will not overwhelm you, but hopefully give you a better perspective as to what is out there for you.

get the training you need so the best home business to start in 2018 is not wasted

Remember, the more work that you have to put in to be successful, the more sustainable your business will be in the long run. In other words, if something is too good and too easy to be true, it probably is:) That is why When you’re starting off online it is important to find the best training platforms you can afford.  Why? Because IT IS THAT IMPORTANT!

I can’t emphasize this enough, one too many people lose money, & waste time, trying to do things with the bits and pieces of free information they can gather online, only to go in circles and end up quitting.  Not a good way to find the best home business to start in 2018.


Let’s look at 3 ways to start that Home Business in 2018

There are a few, and no we will only cover those that offer some value for free but mostly just those I know and trust you can trust. My goal is to help not hinder your efforts to finding the success and extra income you and your family needs, and what I think could be the best home business to start in 2018.

Here’s how it works.

The words “Online Business” is very broad, and it quite literally could be thousands of different business models all of which can be operated from the comfort of your own home. Have you given any thought to starting your own home business?  I have and if you found it anything like I did, it was pretty confusing.

  • Who is telling you the real truth?
  • Which is going to be most profitable?
  • can I start a business for free and if so what kind.
  • I am unknown on the Internet so how long will it take?
  • what is the learning and cost curve?


There are so many options.  Let’s look at the 3 I came up with, in no particular order and hopefully it will shed some light for you.


Drop shipping is when you put up a website to take orders online without carrying any inventory. Instead of fulfilling products yourself, you send orders over to your vendor and your vendor is responsible for shipping the order to the end customer.
Drop shipping offers the following advantages and a few disadvantages according to some experts:

  • No inventory – Because the vendor is storing all the goods, you don’t have to worry about inventory at all
  • No order fulfillment – The vendor is responsible for shipping the product to the end customer
    Low start-up costs – All you need is a basic e-commerce website which can cost as low as $5/45 month.
  • Simple to start – If you use a platform like Shopify, it is the most straightforward to launch a website of them all.
  • Second to Shopify comes SaleHoo which also offers a similar storefront. The biggest difference between these two is your basic knowledge of websites, e-commerce and dropshipping itself. Here is where training or courses are so important.  SaleHoo does offer a lot for a little so great $ value for you here.

I want to share something I recently saw and YES, the numbers are Legit!  This is actually happening online for a lot of people.  These #’s should give you the extra boost you might need.

Yes, they are real. They are verified before information like this goes out to others. I saw these at Oberlo who has very strict rules for this.

Standing Desk Supply 84 products
Industry: home & furniture
Total sales: $139,039
Site visits: 23,891
One more:

Industry: electronics and gadgets
Total sales: $10,180
Site visits: 65,999
More info: 42 products

And those are just two of many.  I also saw some geat ideas and business names that you could only wish you had thought of first!!



Affiliate Marketing = pretty much 0 costs other than your training, website & domain name. Very easily the easiest and least costly of any. You can seriously be up and be running in a matter of days. Will you be earning an income in the same time period? No. Very unlikely but some have done so in a matter of a few months.  This will, of course, depend on your knowledge or choice of training platform.

Will you make anywhere near what the sites above in dropshipping did?  Maybe, in time and if you have chosen well.  It really comes down to choosing the right products and website.  Traffic is what you need so learning keywords and SEO are two elements I think are imperative to success.

When you are an affiliate marketer you are the person who shares what you know about a product/niche you have chosen.  Normally shared in blogs using your personal knowledge and by doing reviews so people can compare the products for themselves.  Finding the perfect niche that is something you love will be more than an added benefit to you.  When you choose Affiliate Marketing it usually involves a lot of you sharing information with your readers.

Once again, this is by far the easiest home business to start online if you are a total newbie or just have enough internet smarts to get you around easily. Nothing to lose BUT everything to gain. Yes, you may have paid for some training, but think about what you have learned to perhaps go forward from this point should you want to change paths.

How to become an Amazon seller.

An Amazon Seller Is the process of creating your OWN products, starting your OWN brand and having REAL customers buy your products on Amazon.  Amazon will do the shipping to their doorsteps. It’s a tangible business to consider.
No, you can relax. You do not have to create your own products from scratch! What you will do is find the vendors with products you can add your logo and business name too. Have you ever wondered how some of these famous or well-known names we see create their own perfume lines or cosmetics so quickly?  Ahhhh!! I knew you would get it!

According to what I have seen so far, this gets the highest score when it comes to making the most money in your own home business. Is the easiest? Not by a long shot.

Here is where I am going to step out on a limb and hopefully I will not offend anyone. If you are a young person, looking to start your own business empire then I say hats off and go for it!   BUT, do your due diligence and check out all three carefully and find the best fit for you.

If you are an older more mature person, ( I fall into this category) perhaps looking for retirement income or you are on a fixed income due to health or other issues, then my suggestion would be something a little less time to consume to get started earning with. And, yes, I would suggest Affiliate Marketing first then Dropshipping as a second.

If you are new to online marketing, young or more mature then it is hands down, no contest that you should learn Affiliate Marketing first. Here it becomes imperative that you find the best platform with the most honest and affordable options for you.  We all have different agendas as to what we can or cannot afford, and that is why my number ONE shout out goes to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you can imagine for one minute that thousands of people have been in and out training and refreshing their training here since 2005 ( speaks volumes) and our oldest member is 83 years old and the youngest coming in at around 18 if memory serves me correctly.

I could write all the fancy words, and show you all kinds of cool numbers you wouldn’t understand right away anyway, or I can let the test of time do the talking for me.  Now just before I throw up the banner for you to click on, my disclosure which is way back up⇑ top…..I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have met members from all over the world.

We have virtual coffee dates between Scotland and Canada and shout outs all the way to Malaysia!  So if you decide to hop on over and see what this is about with your own pretty eyes, I could at some point make a commission.  Most important is I would connect with you and welcome you personally.

Sugah in my coffee!!!  I got excited again.  I apologize.  Okay, what I wanted to say was we do like so many others have a Black Friday Special that will run thru Monday if you want to take advantage of the more in-depth training.  At $.82 a day, I think it might be a no-brainer!  Even with the regular costs for the upgrade, what you get for I think just over or under a $1.00 a day ( depends on your country) it is still a *WHAM* for your dollar!!

the best training for the best home business to start in 2018




The Best time to start and prepare for 2018 is right now!  Start your New Year off with the best bang by being prepared ahead.  Click on that Wealthy Affiliate Banner above and see with your own eyes.  Thanks for being here and getting this far…I do get carried away……but if you enjoyed this article I would love to hear from you in the comments section below or perhaps you would share some love with your other girlfriends.  Either way, you are appreciated a bunch and I wish you the best of the best in the coming holiday season.

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