The Best Passive Income Ideas Can Change Your Life Today

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

best passive income ideasYou Can Triple Your Income with the Best Passive Income Ideas


My purpose, my main objective has always been to help entrepreneurs (just like you!) create your best passive income ideas with a home business.  And as you probably know, I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing. I also have a soft spot for anyone suffering from the ‘unexpected’ being thrown at them or those that are older with no savings for the future. It is not too late to change your future outcome, and you need to know that.

So now? Well, I made a decision to make 2018 my best year yet. I’m combining a few ideas to help you do the same and achieve your income goals.  A little differently than perhaps how the masses do it or at least tell you to do it. And yes, you will have to work at it but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too.  I recently came across a very good e-book showing you How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours.  

So you want to triple your income from last year without launching a single new product AND you honestly don’t want to spend a whole lot to make it happen. Hmm, okay. We can do this. No, I’m NOT one of the lucky ones who just make money without trying. Not even close and you probably won’t either!

You will need to do a couple of things first for any of the best passive ideas suggested work, so unknot your pretty shirt and pay attention. This is critical.

1) I used the knowledge I acquired at  Wealthy Affiliate to set up my blog site and learn how to become an affiliate first. Then…
2) My amazing community of ‘people’, yes, I got me some of those ‘people’, who brought an insane amount of extra knowledge and help so I could branch off to my second combined idea….. DropShipping!!  ( Yes, I love this one!)


Backing Up and Learning


First up is becoming an affiliate that is NOT involved with Amazon or ClickBank or any of the other big boys and girls. Paring it down and simplifying things is an excellent way to find the best passive income ideas.   By this, I am talking about private one to one affiliates.

It makes sense to me to offer something more personal and more fitting to your needs rather than the much larger scale that might just be too much to absorb or just plain doesn’t fit you and your goals/dreams.  More of these are coming available every day.  I found my favs for ebooks and digital here with Send Owl.  Simple and easy to use.

Where and how you learn this Affiliate information is pretty darned important. Finding the right platform that really teaches you from A-Z and all points in-between, will not cost you an arm and a leg or ask you to sell your kidney to pay for it is the hardest part.

It always sounds so “Selly” or “Salesy” or those ‘join my team’ promotions we see all the time when you say you have the best place on earth for anyone to learn and you can try for free and no you don’t need to give out your CC # first and blah blah blah……….you know what I mean, right? Good, cause guess what? That is exactly what I am going to tell you!

Hold it!  Isn’t that just a little contradictory?  Sort of but I wanted you to know that just because we see it all the time and USUALLY it is a pile of CROCK it isn’t always that way. When I found my way to what I think is the most unusual setting ( because of the honesty and straightforward no-nonsense stuff) I was so prepared for MORE of the same old so you can just imagine the pitter patter of my heart as it jumped out of my chest when I realized what I had stumbled upon.

It is with the utmost honesty that I suggest you get your cute little butts over to Wealthy Affiliate University right now and see it for yourself. If you want to make 2018 a successful year, and you have NO CLUE as to

  • how to get started
  • what the heck a website is
  • what to do with setting up WordPress
  • how to set up earning a living this way

You need to do this!!  Get on over to Wealthy Affiliate and have a look!

Heck, if you are not happy and you think I am full of it, then leave me a shot in the comments section below!! You cannot lose when FREE is on the table and the choice is yours to stay at FREE or do a one time UpGrade to make it even better can you? Seriously, can you??

Let’s make sure that your tomorrow and all your tomorrows after that come more brightly. Make it a Good Day to have a Good Day!  Let’s use the best passive income ideas for your happiness and success and make it happen.


no jumping ahead when looking at the best passive income ideas for you

The most important step you can take today if you are planning to go thru with your dream is one of the two mentioned above. I did the affiliate sales first and then branched but since that time I have learned so much and one can and will stand alone IF you have an inkling of what it is you are doing and need to do.

By this, I mean using WordPress which I suggest for both. The reason being is WordPress is well known, can be used free, and your costs are really minimal. For your own domain, you will need a hosting company but that you will learn quite quickly if you don’t already. ( just one of those little-little things that get missed when you don’t know how to set up a business)

( Wealthy Affiliate has you covered for all of that, hosting, security, etc. and even with 2 free sites or 25 with an upgrade) It is all there. Oh, and you get to go to Bootcamp too!! yay, get your butt Kicked and make some loot!

I hope I don’t confuse anyone here, but this is where you really can save a lot of money and have all the goodness of knowledge and support. Why wouldn’t you want that and be successful too? Right. Okay, so point in place is that WordPress is a platform that you can set up your Drop Shipping business from as well and you are already at Wealthy Affiliate for your hosting etc. SO, all you need to do is set up your storefront and you can do that with one plugin if you like simple.
All in one place!! Ideal………….

There are other options for a Drop shipping business storefront and when you see the $ numbers I am going to share you will see why 2018 could easily be your year! This article covers that for you and you can bookmark for later if you like.

What you want to remember or keep on the back burner on low, is the costs involved and what you know or don’t know! The last thing you need is to be paying more than you need to be. The whole concept of working from home this way, affiliate sales and drop shipping is to save those overhead costs! I strongly encourage you to consider one way or the other but not both.

I want you to have the best chance of seeing your profits soar and that might mean being a tiny bit diligent. ( You can do it!) Your links to check everything out are below. I am a very upfront kind of gal ( happens to us Canadian folk a lot) and prefer not to cloak things OR to send you to one link only to be led off in another direction with Up Sell after Up-Sell.


socially for the best passive income ideas is important

Who Influences your Buying Decisions? Are you a stand-alone kind of person who can make their own decisions without any influence from others or do you check out the ‘reviews’ before making a purchase and does this have any weight in your final decision making?

I found myself looking at the reviews more when buying online, and especially with skin care items or specialty gifts like baby toys or clothes, and actually didn’t think too much about it all until recently when I saw these numbers. ⇓

76% of consumers found that social media had a huge impact on gift purchases
61% chose social media as there go to for a source of inspiration
57% have made a purchase for a holiday gift after seeing a review on social media

Huge numbers just in case you thought social media is not important to your business. I don’t think you can get much better than this. A little help from your social friends seems to go a long way. You know, I think It is about that, “know, like and trust” factor we seem to need.

So, how did your business idea pan out for you? Did you go ahead or did you let it rest? The interesting facts are that when you do business online, from your laptop you are in complete control and your overhead is minuscule compared to traditional business. So what do you think is holding you back from doing or having a home business?


Fear can hold you back from finding the best passive income ideas too
Fear is only what is on the other side of the unknown. We hold ourselves captive to that fear of failing perhaps or not being good enough or smart enough or young enough! Many little fears add up to one biggee if we allow it to happen.

You can still build a successful business even when those challenges and obstacles arise. Even when you feel like your life is falling apart, you can still win. Don’t forget that. If I can, you can.

I remember thinking how crazy it was that if I didn’t have the courage to take this leap and stayed where I was I would never have known that this world exists for real or be able to share it with you either.  I would never have discovered that there was far more possibility and opportunity out there for me ( and you) than I realized. Leading me to something amazing and better than I could have imagined. Ever!  I mean EVER!!


just move ahead and you will see the best passive income ideas

Will you face challenges? Of course, you will. We all do. The secret is to keep on keeping on. Learn and make the necessary changes to do it better. Don’t think about what you are doing wrong, think about how you can do things better!

Who and where can you find the best support and guidance. For me, this was a huge factor but I honestly think my biggest challenge has been getting up and over the mountain of fear of failure that steps in when you are or have been struck with an illness that leaves you not able to work in a normal setting. The reason I’m sharing this teensy part of my personal story is that I want you to see that even though you’re doing everything right that doesn’t stop life from throwing curve balls your way.

Focus plays a huge role in overcoming any challenge you may come across. The coolest thing about working from home and having an online business is YOU HAVE CHOICES and you can pick and choose what will work for you and where you feel most comfortable.

A good example is a fear of doing videos. We see everywhere that Video is the way to go. But does it have to be? Nope! Not at all. People do not need to see your pretty little face to get to know you! You can do that through writing and sharing. Some are just better at it than others….by the way, the same applies to video.

Another really strong point I want to make is the fact that many many successful entrepreneurs hire actors and models and stage a lot of their video’s if not all of them. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a few and make a mental note of the backdrop being used and the voice or the actual actor. You are sure to see the same backdrop again! I can still remember the first time that happened to me and what an eye opener it was.

news says the best passive income ideas are
YES, it really did happen. I watched a video and then sometime later saw another video and I recognized a few things. Like the entrance way of ‘his said home’ and the office furniture. One of the better ones was the living area. It was an identical room with the furniture staged just a tiny bit differently. Pays to pay attention!

It was then that I realized something really important! I was not the only person shy about a camera AND I knew what I knew about these other people who were faking it in front of you. A video is not always the only way to go to be successful. Put that in the back of your hat for later. If you are comfortable and confident and love love love doing this, then hat’s off to you! Go for it and getter done!

I Don’t Have People

you do not need a lot of people to help your success with the best passive income ideas

You know It’s amazing to see that you don’t need a ton of followers to make an income online never mind an awesome one. I recently came across a young lady with the ‘lady balls’ we all could borrow some of, and she is living proof that with only two products you can make an awesome living online.

Don’t be fooled by such a young lady. Anyone can make a living online if you put the effort forth. Young, old, or in-between! Healthy or afflicted with a health issue. If you want it you can have it! You just need to DO IT!! Finding the right people is yes, key to your success. Hell, I floundered alone long enough to learn that one! It is Don’t Do as I Did! Do as I Say Now!!

Keep your eyes open and listen carefully to the words you are reading. Find what ‘feels’ like the best fit with the most help and a sincere caring about you as a person. Be confident in your ability to learn and grow and be patient and soon you will have ‘people’! Yes, you will have your own ‘people’ to follow you too.



This is one of the biggest reasons for failure that exists. When we think in terms of what we don’t have, instead of what we do have an even better what we can have things change. We all need to take “An Attitude Pill” every so often and remind ourselves that in order for things to change, we need to take the steps to change it.

I had to go into emergency recovery mode and work on my own money blocks constantly because it was taking me to a dark place of scarcity! I needed to change that if I wanted to see the positive changes. It won’t happen unless we make it happen and that includes mindset!!

Stop thinking with what you ‘SEE’ or better yet, what you don’t see, and start following your heart and your dreams! Start making that lack of thinking into bushels and barrels of money flowing into your life. Make it happen. It is your dream so let’s get it done! It sounds hokey, I know, but it actually does help to see where you want to be. Like the dream board ideas work for some folks.

I personally like smaller versions of a dream board like listening to positive chatter from inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins and reading some inspiring books from the likes of John C. Maxwell and one that is now my all-time favorite ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olsen. I have never read anything so simple and yet so missed by so many of us on a daily basis. Change these one or two things and change your life!!


you need to learn which best passive income ideas work

Here are my best resources for you to learn the how and where!  With this knowledge and the best passive income ideas I could share, you will be successful.  Just remember it does not happen overnight and all the glitz and glamour does not quite cut it either.  Do not be fooled any longer.  You got this so take it and run!


Awesome real people shared their success and some are still members.
here you will find more of the best passive income ideas for success

EBook Creator at the House of Brazen Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

Where you can learn to set up using your WordPress site.  One time lifetime fee which is low but you can check it out first and see your options.  Worth it’s weight in gold.

Send Owl is where you can sell and set up affiliate links for your ebooks and digital products or become an affiliate of those that already have.  A free process that is becoming very popular for the more personal affiliated programs suggested.

I hope this post helped you in some small way and that your 2018 is the best ever!  Mine is going to be and I look forward to seeing more of you as we learn and grow in this amazing industry.  Please leave a comment or thought if you enjoyed my article or share with us at one of our social sites.  Yeah, it is important so I would be very appreciative.  Have an awesomely awesome 2018!!

Merry C



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