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best web hosting small business

                       Best Web Hosting and Small Business


The Best Internet Hosting Small Business online you can find will be here.  I have come across a few that ‘tell you’ they are the best web hosting small business but they would be telling you little white lies!!  Oh, Okay, BIG Giant Lies!

Have you ever tried using Hosting that was so complicated you just found yourself more frustrated with every move?  Have you ever tried getting support from said hosting site?  Indeed!!  Some are definitly better than others.

Your Domain and the Best Web Hosting Small Business Pkg.

When you first get started with your business online there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  Deciding on what your business name will be is more important than you might think.

  • shorter is better in most cases
  • It should be memorable.
  • reflect your business/product or You.
  • easy for others to spell ( no hyphens)

Two really good question to ask yourself BEFORE you choose your name is what will it look like on a billboard or your business cards?  How does it sound when you say it out loud?  Does it have a nice flow or ‘ring’ to it?   And is it related to your business or niche?  All of these are very important things to do.

Buying Your Domain

SiteRubix offers one of the best web hosting small business                   yes, they more than compare to others and are the the best web hosting small business


Who wants better than the best service for similar pricing?  Good!  You gals and guys visiting have the ‘smarts’ to succeed.  My two favorites are GoDaddy ( and no I am not affiliated) and Site Rubix/Wealthy Affiliate.

At site Rubix, you can actually try two free websites via the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform.  If you like what you have created you can then transfer the domain later.  That is what I call the best web hosting small business perks!   Paying for it at this time means it is now YOUR domain.  Your very own Web Address.  (Pretty cool when you are not sure.)

GoDaddy is very easy to use and the best support I have ever received.  Yes, I wandered, a couple of times to different hosts because it was ‘Suggested’ and that is how I am able to know and share what is the best and is NOT!  I will not be wandering again from the GoDaddy platform and SiteRubix for building my sites.

I was able to easily point my domain to the host I use at Wealthy Affiliate as it is included in my membership as well as security features for my domain.  GoDaddy makes it very doable to transfer, point or forward any domain and Always lets you know via email of any activity regarding your domain.

Hosting and Free Sites

Is the cost the same on any hosting and domain purchasing platform?  Pretty much.  Just some offer you more with your hosting.  It is something to be aware of.

Another very important thing about using a free platform for building your website is that usually the domain name and content are Not transferrable.  If you are using a free site, I highly recommend you have your content saved on your computer should you choose to go a paid route.

Below is an example of one of the lower hosting sites offering tons of free goodies at incredible pricing.  Note the intro terms below

Example:  The introductory prices are for the first term of service only and automatically renew at the regular rate. Note: if you register a free domain with us and wish to cancel your account, there is non–refundable $15 domain fee if you would like to keep your domain.

Testing using my own domain with a different, .net, .org, .site the prices all varied to $25.99. 

The above was one of ten I came across and one of the ones I had tried earlier was also listed.  It is NOT ALWAYS AS IT APPEARS people!  Please, please be aware of that.  Just because it looks cheap $1.99 special pricing on the surface; does not mean it stays at that price.

One exception I have recently been made aware of is Site Rubix.  If you are using their free platform and decide you want to upgrade and purchase your domain name, everything you have already done is transferable.  You will not lose your content or domain name.

Here is a direct link to Site Rubix ⇒⇒⇒best web hosting small business

GoDaddy is


Very Important to Your Domains

Recently I saw this posted for a comparison at,  best-web-hosting-small-business   I was not aware of iPage.  They seem on the surface to be trustworthy and worth paying attention to.  The one thing I might add is if you do not know this, WordPress is always free to use AND if you do not know what you are doing you will be like a beached whale without any help.

From My Least Fav to my # 1

This is not your best for web hosting small business

Please do your research on other hosting companies and see what they have to offer.  In most cases, you will not find hosting as good as it is on the wealthy affiliate platform  It is the #1 recommended site online today.

the best training and the best web hositng small business will see

The best free website and hosting I have ever used is Wealthy Affiliate. Offering step by step training to actually build it yourself completely free of charge.  The best training with the simplicity that anyone can follow.  The website builder is a state of the art – 3 click process – which builds your site in “less than 3 minutes” (wow)  Also the hosting provided is again – state of the art (fast loading WordPress websites) And No coding required.


Also Noted to be of significant importance to anyone who has a domain name that is very clever, these domains just came out as the outstanding top 3.

  1. .design
  2. .club
  3. .site

I am going to turn the keyboard over to you now in case you would like to comment on any platforms you have used that might be of help to anyone.  Also, we have social icons and they are like a-one click and you’re done kinda deal.  Whatever suits you makes us happy.  All the best….

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