Is A Drop Shipping Business Model Expensive to Start?

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

drop shipping business modelMy Drop shipping Business Model Just got Easier.

There seem to be some doubts about a Drop shipping business and perhaps doing it on your own without the help of some of the highly reliable sites available?  I would suggest you should at least have a look as the Drop shipping business model just got so much easier.  Help is only a click away and the fear is easily removed knowing you are in safe hands.  There are no products or inventory to stock and if you follow the guidelines set out, this business model one of the best!

Have you ever considered doing this kind of business from home? I have to admit that I had not. I didn’t even know what it was or that there was a drop shipping business model that was even in play!
It was something that came into my email one day, and you know how those clever headlines grab your attention. Yeah, thought you might. I was intrigued and even more so when I attended a live webinar that explained everything.

It was truly exciting but as most go, you had to commit right now and it was more than I was willing to pay out when I didn’t know enough about this Dropshipping business model yet.

Your Drop Shipping Step by step guide

With so many places to go to find help and guidance, you can have your first store up in record time. In this article, the focus will be on helping you with proven tips that will make it so your dropshipping business model just got easier for you.

We think it is difficult and that could be us ‘overthinking’ the whole thing or we are listening to some that didn’t do so well. Whatever the reason is, if you are still thinking about going this route these tips should clear a few things up. Stop doing things the hard way! It does not have to be complicated.

⦁ choose your store name. ( tip: add store or shop to your name)
⦁ make a list (10 -15) brand name ideas. Tip: (make sure it is available on a .com)
⦁ Choose your domain name based on your store name
⦁ create your website either using Shopify or a WordPress site
⦁ Add content which is privacy policy, return policy, shipping cost, payment section and an about me page, contact us.
⦁ **Get a pay Pal account**
⦁ create a menu for your items
⦁ marketing, sales & ads on facebook

If you have issues with not knowing how to set up your own website, I strongly suggest you do at least one of the following for your drop shipping business model.

  1. get training on using WordPress and setting up an eCommerce theme. I suggest Wealthy Affiliate as they offer the best I have seen. My other suggestion is Oberlo. Just be sure to understand that if you are going to use Oberlo with your vendors you must use a Shopify store or website. I actually encourage the second one if you are not 100% comfortable doing it yourself. There is a lot to add and Shopify for a low monthly cost has it all done for you.
  2. If you choose to go it yourself with your own website then I highly suggest a program like SaleHoo that will guide you in finding the vendors and best products. You want to stay safe and not run into any scrupulous characters. There are others so do your research.
  3. Thanks to modern technology, and Shopify, you can simplify the process and create your eCommerce store in just a few clicks. All of the server setup and maintenance is taken care of for you. It is pretty much a point and clicks and copy and paste. You can make it unique as you go along. And for what they are giving you, the prices are excellent.

This Dropshipping Business Model is Hassle Free

drop shipping business model

Most likey not but then again if you have done your homework and followed the guidelines set up for you, chances are pretty good you will handle anything that comes up like a pro. The whole idea of using a platform like Oberlo and Shopify is to make your business run smoothly with little to no hassles. From everything I have seen, this is your best drop shipping business model.

And if there are any hassles, it usually is something as minor as a delay in shipping or a product being returned. If you are clear about what your policy and returns are, you will not have issues.
Adding that personal touch and reaching out to your customer one on one will also increase trust.

One more thing that comes to mind is Pay Pal. If you are accepted by pay pal your visitors and buyers know they are in good hands. Pay Pal is fussy. There are rules. Abide by those, and do your homework first and girlfriend, you should be just fine.

Just to keep everything relatively easier, that is one reason Oberlo suggests you do not buy any pre-done expensive pro themes before earning some income. It is your products and how they will stand up in the market getting sales and how well you can get the word out about your store.

So, let’s say this one more time. If you follow the guidelines, do your research, take any free training that Oberlo offers and listen to their suggestions, my heartfelt guess is you will find that you and dropshipping are hassle-free most of the time.

How do U find the best products to sell online?

This is where things can get a bit tricky if you don’t know what kind of products you want to sell or you don’t have a hobby you are passionate about. They say we all have some kind of expertise laying within us. We just have to prod a little deeper to find it.  Whatever yours is, you can use this as part of your drop shipping business model.

When it comes to a product or products for your store you will want to find light weight, smaller and easily foldable for shipping purposes. Your first store is like your bike with the training wheels still on. Leave them on for a bit until you feel more confident.

keep your product simple for drop shipping business model
Do not add products from every direction. Keep them similar. An example would be training gear or yoga clothing. Jewellery is another one. You have a lot of options. I saw a coffee related store not that long ago and it had some of the coolest coffee makers and grinders etc.

Also, if you are hesitant about dealing with vendors in China, then choose to stay in North America for now. Your costs may be higher but your peace of mind will be worth it. As long as the quality is there you should have nothing to be concerned about.

Try Google Trends for product searches, Amazon and eBay as well. Just get some ideas and from there visit as many dropshipping storefronts for new ideas as you can. Write everything down that stands out or interests you.drop shipping business model

Have You Considered this Business Model?

The best time to start is today.  You can do it for free and see how it feels or if you are confident in your ability to build your own storefront WordPress or Wealthy Affiliate are standing by.  For most of us, we need to step back and get out of our own way.  Stop over thinking and just DO IT!

I appreciate you being here today and would love for you to share your thoughts on this or perhaps you have a question or you have a friend who has mentioned this before.  It is made easy for you, with one click sharing or a comment box just below.  Ready to share some love?  Great…..thank you!


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