If Easy Business Ideas Existed, Wouldn’t Everyone Have One?

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

 easy business ideas

Why Don’t We All Have One of These?

Well, do they or do they not actually exist?  I am dubious!  Seriously if Easy Business Ideas existed like they say, don’t you think everyone would be successful and everyone would be doing this?  Well, I would think that, if I didn’t know better. It is not how it works, not today, not ever!

After all, easy and easy business ideas or simple work from home offers are all over the internet.  You have seen them too, haven’t you?  Well, that is what I see being ‘sold’ to everyone!  Heck, they got me at one low point!  When you do not know what you are doing the opposite is true.  

You can say that we should know better, but when you are new to the Internet and you seriously do not have a clue but have a desire it is easy to fall prey to this type of marketing.  But you do have to let a little bit of that reality factor step in.  If this was true, don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

Sure.  It is a known fact that only 10% of entrepreneurs succeed financially.  I am clarifying this because it is the monetary gain we are looking at in this article.  Success is many different faces of many different people.  What is a success to you, is entirely different to say, me.

Some of the Best Easy Startup Business Ideas

Here is where I want to get your wheels turning.  We are also talking ‘Easy’ as in push- button-done-for-you startups.  No, they are the ones that if they did exist everyone would have one!!


Some of the Best Startups may be dependant on your country.  I recently saw an article that mentioned ideas for a few different countries.  These are offline ideas but once you start thinking, it is easy to find a way to online sales.

Some Examples are Singapore for Cafe’s and Malaysia for Health and Beauty Care, and Australia is another for Cafes and Restaurants that are known for their famous food and Chefs.  Each of these could be converted into online sales if you went with say, cooking utensils to cook like the chefs at home, and the health and Beauty industry is still huge, always will be if you can offer something unique, great products and great prices.  Finding products in Malaysia offers a flair all it’s own.

Drop Shipping is a very popular business startup and for good reason.  You can sell worldwide, no products to carry or store.  What is not suggested for any new drop shipping business is food and beverages.  You may have a lot to contend with depending on your country and where you are shipping products to and from.

Another that is lucrative but a bit more competitive is Fashion and Jewellery.  If you can narrow this down to one or two items you could do really well.  I am thinking wooden watches and a specialty fashion items like monogrammed T’ees or ladies ball caps.  Something specific that others may be looking for.  

You can use the same niche category’s in affiliate marketing as well.  The whole idea is to keep your niche complimentary in products and not be willy-nilly all over the map offering too much or too many items.  You will look like the Dollar Store!  Less is more when you are starting out.

One last idea is your own product that you have created.  It could be something you have made from scratch; it could be a book, candles or soaps. It could be family recipes.  Whatever it is, you can sell it in your own store online.  And getting set up can be as simple as you can make it.

Where and How to Get Started with your easy business ideas

ladies do you have easy business ideas

Once again, you could drive yourself into quitting before you get started if you DO NOT know what you are doing.  Finding the best places to do that are just not that easy.  I know, and I bet you have encountered some of the same nonsense I have.  How about we just bypass that part.

I know it is still going on, but the more we concentrate on finding other sources the less chance they have of winning.  My huge, I mean really huge favorites are two-fold.

One is where you would learn affiliate marketing and all that pertains that including setting up your own blog and finding affiliate resources and growing and expanding into anything you choose.  By far the most intense training online for so little.  If you do well and love the building part of your website, you could easily set up your own e-commerce site from here for drop shipping.

Here is where I actually first heard about Drop Shipping and what it offers.  I branched out to be able to find and offer a platform that offered a package set-up for ease and time-saving ways to set up.  Not everyone feels totally confident in building their own website or storefront and this makes it that much easier.

The other is Drop Shipping and my choice of learning and hooking up to vendors which are HUGE is Oberlo.  For a storefront that is already set up for E-commerce for you and tracking etc. is with Shopify.  They probably have the most outstanding 5-star record online.  You can join Oberlo free and upgrade when ready and Shopify offers a trial period.  Their costs are excellent!  I was very pleased and surprised when I saw them.


What About Amazon, eBay, and ClickBank?

yes, you can earn and find the easy business ideas

Yes, it is doable as well.  You just have a lot more competition to deal with and you do have to play by the rules.  If you don’t you can find yourself in major ka-ka!  I have seen a few horror stories that had me questioning this route.

Some swear by Amazon and eBay and others will tell you to stay away!  The rules are different like I said, and while Amazon is good about a lot of things, YOU WILL be responsible for having your product available at all times or within a reasonable shipping time.  If not….well you can guess I think.

You also take a chance with being ‘terminated’ for a better word to use from Amazon and I think eBay as well.  Don’t break the rules and you are good to go.  Would I go this route?  No.  Knowing what I know now, I would not even consider it.  And remember you are in competition with thousands and thousands of sellers so your price point needs to be on target.

I would say stick to Amazon if you want to be an affiliate only and are new to this type of marketing.  They have a lot of choices for you and finding items to match your niche are likely there. You have nothing to worry about doing it this way other than finding sales. 

By far the easier of the easy.  As to the monetary gains, you will see progress faster with Dropshipping.  Click Here to read an article that shows a few examples of how much can and is being made with dropshipping.


The Obvious

I think it is pretty obvious that easy business ideas may be afloat but most do not work like they tell you.  It takes patience, knowledge, and work each day to stay on top of everything.  Why in the world we fall for the nonsense still baffles me.  My question is if that 90% that keeps on failing at business ideas why would we believe it when they tell us it is so simple a 5-year-old could do it.

Of course, it can get easier, everything does and should with knowledge and practice.  That makes more sense than the push button easy business ideas we still see.  If you think I am wrong, then just check out your spam folder!  

Are you ready to learn so you can do it right?  I know I certainly was and now I am branching out as I learn more.  Sometimes we need to take the blindfolds off so we can see the clear picture of what can be accomplished by anyone of us!

Here is what you should do, no, what you need to do asap!

Click on this ⇓ and go see for yourself what you can learn.  Oh, you do not need to reach for your wallet.  CC not accepted at this time.  You get to see for Free.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to have easy business ideas

If you like what you see and feel you are in the right place for you to learn and grow, then welcome!  If you are looking for a different way to have your business idea online then please visit Oberlo or Shopify for the best information and set-up I have seen.

you will learn first so the easy business ideas are doable



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