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Fashion Rules Over 50

Look & Feel Awesome over 40 or 50!

Fashion over 50!  What?  Who made these rules up anyway? Rules that say women are expected to follow a certain way of wearing their hair and dressing after reaching a certain 0 in age? I mean why?? Why not always look & feel awesome in any fashion over 50 and make a statement that says, yes we can!

shhh, don't tell you can look * feel awesome over 40 or50
Well, ladies, I hope you are here because you like to break rules and live Your life and look & feel awesome without the dress over 50 rules!   Just as it is important finding the right knowledge to start a home business, it is equally important you look and feel your best.

Have you looked lately at what comes up if you search for something for any fashion over 50 or any age that you might be that’s over 40?  I have and what comes up is awful with a capital A!  Just a thought, but this could be a pretty awesome niche if you are looking for a home business………and you love fashion!


Awesome is how you can look & feel in fashion over 50




Looks like we have a lot of ground to cover so I better get the hustle on. The real challenge lies where it always does: finding wearable, modern clothes to fit your lifestyle, budget, age, and figure. There may even be some trends you didn’t know were trendy!

I know! How much fun is it to wear a really fun so-called PJ top with crops and sandals. Haven’t you tried it yet? Girlfriend, you have to do this one. It is fun and what the heh, you can’t even tell it is a PJ anything.  I did it and pulled it off so you can too!

So the honest truth is finding anything related to fashion over 50 that is chic or makes you look & feel awesome is difficult. On way is to look at what some of the celebs are wearing.  Love Meryl Streep and Goldie and Bette Midler, Oprah and all the other awesome women we can look up to.

If there are any rules to follow, keeping it simple is going to be your key along with not showing too much skin. As a mature woman, this will have the opposite effect you might intend, and make you appear out-of-touch and older than you are!

Attitude is as important as Looking Awesome with fashions for over 50!

It is hard enough with this aging thing and the changes in our body without having to stress about why or why you can’t wear that! Hell, if it feels good, and you look good then go for it. Part of being a woman is feeling beautiful, isn’t it?  And you know what else?  It helps you if you are embarking on a new career and a home based business.  Just do it, girlfriend.  Fashion over 50 can be just as wonderful as you.

be special in any fashion over 50 group

There may be a few things you might want to switch up and do a bit differently but they are not hard and fast rules. Like those 3.5″++ heels!   Just don’t go for the ‘comfort’ shoe no matter what the outfit!!  And………..Jeans, if you love’em they get to stay.

Bare Midriff and the itsy-bitsy bikini’s as cute as they are, might be best left on the rack. You can be sensual and feminine without all the skin showing.

Go with the handbag and accessories. I love seeing mature women accessorize with fun and flare. The use of rich fabric and details doesn’t always mean expensive. Shop carefully and you can find some of the best cashmere and other riches in your own closet.

Another thing that makes this easier if you are on a budget, is minimizing your wardrobe. The truth is as we get older it isn’t just our bodies that slow down. So does socialize and gadding about with friends. The pace slows and that makes more room for the wardrobe essentials to become a little more shall we say minimal but not yet in retirement mode!! Just because you’re not 25 anymore doesn’t mean your style has to be pinned down!

How Simple Style Apply’s To Fashion over 50

1. Avoid too-short skirts
2. Aim for a natural beauty look
3. Solid colors will never betray you
4. Go for minimalist, functional designs and details.
5. Pony Tails can still work! The Short Mom cut is a myth!

We are about to go on an epic adventure and I sure hope you enjoy the tour. What I want to do is address our top 5 points a bit further and then make a few more suggestions that may you may find helpful.

The short skirts and bare tummy and itsy bitsy anything we have touched on and I think that one makes all the sense in the world. Especially if you are over 55 and have not been able to keep up with any form of fitness due to health issues or other. I know one of the best parts to aging is the ‘blindness’ but seriously we are only fooling one person when we look in the mirror minus that accessory!

If you need some extra help in this area I just recently found an awesome cookbook that will do the trick! You will find it below⇓.

When talking about the ‘natural look’ does it have to mean no makeup at all or no skin care regime?  It means keep it, simple darling.  Less is better and watch the sparkle on the eyelids.

When you use a glittery or shimmery eye color any and all lines are magnified. And speaking of magnified and the eyes, if you can’t see to do your own eyebrows find someone who can. SO important! That and the upper lip shadow speak more than you will with your mouth closed.
Classic shapes and lines always, always work.

Just stay true to your changing body and size if that is happening. Don’t turn into the baggy shirt, oversized anything person. And if you have, now is a good time to change that. Yes, you can do it. Do you know when we try and hide it we actually draw more attention to it? It’s true.


How I love this one! As a hair stylist and color and fashion speaker, this one does rock the house of rules! Who said you have to cut your hair short if you are 40, 50 or? I think at one point it was a lot younger than 50 too. This rule does not apply! That ‘short Mum cut’ is history! Have you seen some of the most fun gray hairstyles being worn? Awesomeness to the max.

short, fun hair and you will always look & feel awesome over 40 or 50
I also love the multi-dimensional pastel colors we are seeing so much of. Look back at some styles and colors of yesteryear and you will see the same (well similar) looks on the Grans. The thing is they didn’t even know they were hot!

One thing I will say is, over processed hair is not something you want. You can go gray and be very chic and stylish.  As of late, gray is in. We’re not talking just aging gracefully either!

Gray is the color not just to look and feel awesome over 40 or 50!

Also, hair that is too ‘in place’ can also be aging. A little fun is much better. Short is fun and spiky messy just out there is again best. Try one on today. After all, hair is something that keeps growing back.

Recipes to help Lose Weight

If you are looking at weight or lack of energy but never ever dieted in your life, these two may be able to help you.  They have some free recipes you can try.  I always appreciate trying something before you buy it, don’t you?  Click on the photo below or you can just click right here and go directly to the recipes.

You help is here to continue to look awesome over 40 or 50

If you would like a bit more general information I have a post I recently did here that you might relate with.  I hope you do and if so please let me know.  It is always more fun to know you

  1.  Are not alone in your quest
  2. You have helped someone feel good about themselves again


Okay, Ladies. Girl power is where knowledge is power, and trying new things and getting it done is even better. I wish you all a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed reading today. If this sparks a thought please be that sweetheart you know you are and leave a comment.  And if it really gets you in your happy place like and share and be a part of the ‘awesomer’ club.

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