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Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

find free leads

 ⇓ Leads Can Make You Money!⇓

If I can find free leads that work you can too

Find FREE Leads Where, you say? Leads that could potentially make me money!   Is that what you are saying?  Are you serious?  Of course, I am!  If you have a product, a website or a blog you need what we call leads.  I actually like to refer to leads as potential customers, visitors to my blog or partners in this industry.  Without them, the money isn’t either. You can find free leads and they are NOT the norm! 

Let’s face it.  We have to be real about this.  You can’t just put up two pages or a website and expect traffic to stop and visit you.  It is not like being a store front at your local mall or downtown shopping area.  The Internet Highway is hugely Vast and your competition is fierce.  And not everyone can afford to buy leads when you first start out. And why would you when you can find free leads?

Start Fresh and Find Free Leads

I am sorry if this was not what you wanted to read, but it is the truth.  SO, you can continue as you were or you can get ready to make some serious changes towards your own success.   One of the first changes, if I may suggest is to:

  1. start fresh
  2. look at ‘lead generation’ with new glasses on
  3. Find free leads that are live

For me, this was one giant leap I had to take.  Yeah, I was a little hesitant and had a wee bit of attitude but I looked.

find free leads just change out the eyewear

Knowing where you are and where you were in your thinking is huge.  It is called being accountable and taking the necessary steps to change what is NOT working for you.  I think I almost had to be hit over the head with a large mallet before I clued in. 

All because I had ‘attitude’ about a situation a long time ago when I was trying everything under the sun and had no damn clue what I was doing, why or how!  I was just playing follow the leader and ‘believing’ because I wanted it to be true. 

SO WHAT WORKS?  How Can U Find Free Leads?

There are a few that certainly do work, but if you want to do this and not have to give an arm and a leg to make it happen I suggest you look at one of the two that were shared with me.  Did know you could find free leads?  Funny how that works.  Someone shares with me, then I share with someone, like you perhaps, and then you share with someone.  Pretty cool.

I am a passive marketer and therefore I do not want to have to chase people down, do any cold calling, nor do I want to buy some dead-end leads that someone is selling.  You know you have been duped when you see your own name on a list of leads you purchased!  Yes, that really did happen.  I learned a good lesson.  No, what I am going to share is so different from that and also pretty easy.  They are Live Leads!!

One site which is where you can make a decision to share your business with one person at a time, or 20 at a time or 50 or 100 more.  I did a one-time upgrade to allow me to share with 20.  So easy to do.  You can write up your own Ad and put your link in and then pop it out to 20 people at one time.  You can spend one hour doing this or 1/2 hr and reach hundreds of people.  That is how you can potentially get traffic to your site, blog or offer.

  • I like simple.
  • One time costs that do not break the bank
  • pay pal can be used as an option


 Why is PayPal an Important Feature on a Site?

By the way.  For those that do not know Pay Pal or have a pay pal account you can set one up FREE and very easy to do.  Now, this is important when you are looking at programs that could be ‘iffy’ or you are having issues with that are not being resolved OR they offer a money back guarantee.  Pay Pal is STRICT with the rules and will be on your side!

The point I want to make here other than that is……when you see pay pal offered on the site you are looking into, you can bet your last dollar it is a safe site with no nonsense.

So, what do you say?  Want to have a look?  Click here and then come back after you bookmark it or try this⇓find free leads just like you right here


I know it sounds like I am repeating myself, and I guess I am.  But in my own defense, it does take more than once for a person to remember things.  So, again, $20.00 one time upgrade.  You, of course, can stay free,  so not necessary to upgrade.  Just a suggestion.  It is powerful and easy to share and use, and even more so when you can share with 20 people looking for your help with one click. Over and Over and Over because you will have a lot of people to share with.

Do you need something like this to be successful?  No, of course not.  Does it help when you need more traffic to your blog or website?  You bet!  So, here’s the question of the day….would you like fries with that?

When I saw how much easier and faster it was to share with 20 individuals at a time and with one short ad or blurb to your site, I said YES to the Fries.  Will you?

the full meal deal happens when you find free leads

Short and to the point is how I like to share what can work for you.  Seriously if you need eyes on your site, Money line is easy to use, not a scam and if you wanted to upgrade you can do that one time as a bronze for $20.00.   Yup, it is a repeat again,  Just testing to see if you remembered!   So go ahead and click on one of the banners.  They should be live and ready to go for you.

Any questions or need anything at all I am just a comment away.  Or an email if you like.  Ready?  Good let’s hand the keyboard back to you.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



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