Recipes for Weight Loss to Lose Fat the Easy Way

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   Recipes for Weight Loss

Not all recipes are suitable for everyone so I decided to share a few recipes for weight loss that could benefit everyone.  Our bodies are forever changing and this is even more apparent when you reach one of those big 0 ages! 

I have recently come across a few ideas that I wanted to share and the best way to do that I thought was to share the recipes for weight loss with a few free ones you could try.  How does that sound? First a little information about the two people who created these awesome recipes.

The Authors and Founders

Introducing Metabolic Cooking and  Karine Losier & Dave Ruel

you find free recipes for weight loss and more here

Dave Ruel

Dave is the most respected and trusted fitness cook in North America and is a firm believer that eating healthy to support your body goals DOES NOT have to be plain and boring.

He’s seen fitness enthusiasts go the usual route of steamed chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli for every meal and has had the opportunity to teach them that there is a ‘better way’. With Dave’s approach, you’re never dieting – you’re just eating healthy because you love it.

Dave has a large background in helping others achieve their goals, be it fat loss or muscle building and is always learning new and innovative techniques to use in the kitchen.

Karine Losier

Karine, co-author of Metabolic Cooking is also known as the ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ and has a strong passion for food, fitness, and culinary adventures. She gets excited about challenging the commonly used techniques that most chefs turn to while seeking out healthier alternatives. Simply put, she’s a real kitchen glamor renegade.

Karine isn’t just a bubbly little chef either. She’s holds a master’s degree in psychology so she is fully aware of all the psychological struggles that people face with regards to their eating habits and diets, thus why she knows the importance of good nutrition that tastes great and serves to motivate people to stick with their diet by challenging their commonly held psychological beliefs.

Why am I sharing weight loss recipes?

I recently did a post on about looking your best over 40/50.   This post with the free recipes relates to looking your best and especially at these ages when our bodies start to change.  Really sucks, but the good news is you can change it.  Besides, when was the last time you went looking for a really awesome dress or outfit in a larger size?  Right!  How did that go?  I know, been there tried that.

I am a firm believer that we do not have to look a certain way just because someone made a mistake on our birth certificates!    If we want to look and feel good we can and we can flaunt it if we got it!  So, those free recipes.⇓

Below are 10 free recipes for you.  Just click on any that interest you and then you can download for free to your computer or you can print them as well.

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes

Ginger Beef

Asian Turkey Burgers

Hot Paprika Shrimp

Apple Mustard Pork Tenderloin

Quinoa Burritos

Kale Chips

Cajun Style Sweet Potatoes

Southwestern Eggs

The Thermoccino Smoothie


I hope you enjoy and if you do, these guys have another 240 more recipes for weight loss you can use + some more free goodies.


I love sharing things that work and are not that difficult to adjust too.  I have never had to worry about any weight issues………that is until this year.  Not only did we have a long bloody cold winter for 6 months, living with a disability which can make getting out for exercise an issue when it comes to gaining a few pounds.

When your clothes don’t fit and you can’t find anything you like that looks good, you know it is time to look at a few things.  After chatting with a girlfriend, and her battle I decided to have a look and see what else was there that didn’t require me to join some group and pay a monthly fee, or have to order pre-made food ( which how can that be good for you) or those auto ships every 30 days for products that cost you more than the ‘fat outfit’ X 3!

I know I am having some fun with it but if you can relate it should help you smile a wee bit.  There is nothing more frustrating than doing the “OLD THING” and not being able to still look as good as you are feeling on the inside.  Yeah, it helps to not wear your glasses in the bathroom too!  

Fasting and Juicing


Real quick on this juicing.  I actually love making a smoothie and adding some protein powder, (lemon juice cuts the taste of the powder nicely) fruit and either water or almond milk.  And getting pretty good at doing it every day.  I think it takes a lot of focus/determination to do the juicing but those smoothies are so yummy and if you can add those to your morning breakfast you will see some awesome results.

Please Enjoy!!

You can find more recipes like this right here.    Thanks so much to Linda at their’s always a better way!

Linda's recipe for weight loss smoothie

Another that you may find interesting is a Vegan Smoothie compliment of Losune and Alberto, a Spanish vegan couple.  Please do enjoy and visit their site for more recipes.

awesome recipe for weightloss with a smoothie


One other point that was mentioned to me is when you have a family member or members to cook for. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to cook something you could all eat and benefit from?  Yup, I thought so too. There is something about chewing food!  It feels good and feels normal as we set out to lose a few pounds.

I am especially happy to have been able to give you some free recipes to try.  The Kale Chips are an awesome snack and the hot paprika shrimp is to die for!  Loved it!!  Pretty darn easy prep time too. Okay then ladies & gents if you are here too, go get the freebies and enjoy them!!  And before I forget, please get back to me and let me know how you liked them, or share some of your own.

You can leave a comment below, share or like if you have friends with the same issues or contact me via my contact page.  I check in often so will see any comments and the contact is direct so that is even faster.  Thanks for being her today……….now it is time for you to be a sweetheart and use your keyboard!  Over to you then……………

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