How to Get Started Online…& Survive

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

                      CAN YOU SURVIVE THIS ECONOMY?

How to get a start online



How to get started online and survive can be tricky business.  Banks are offering approx 1% interest… Inflation is running at 2%+ People who have cash are losing money.  Food costs are going up… So what is the solution?

There is one but it will require You to take action.  Most families have two incomes, which means Mom is not home with the kids.  You can change this too.  Your first step will be learning.  How to get started online & Survive is all about knowledge. And it is finding the best place to get that knowledge.  Do you know how to do this?  I didn’t either until I saw a review that changed everything!

How to get started online

Do you know how to engage your friends and their friends on social media?  Have you ever wanted your own blog that you could monetize?  If even a tiny piece of this is You, then keep reading because I have a FREE solution. It is your new start and the best platform I could have found for you.



So many keep saying the same thing.  They are tired of losing money to programs that were not for them or they were asked for more and more $ to continue.  Don’t you think you need a place you can join and see if it is what you need first?  I was so tired of having to keep changing programs and losing money all the while!  Anyone else with me? 

So, what’s the Catch?  None!  I just ask that you trust me.  You need this help if you want to know how to get a start online and see success.  Thousands of members can’t be wrong, can they?  I can tell you it was the best decision I ever made when I found Wealthy Affiliate.


        What Do YOU NEED TO Do?

How to get a Start on Line & Survive Begins This Way………………..You reaching out and helping others.

how to get a start online help

I have always been taught to find the most successful person in the room and copy them.  You can be in any company or any affiliation, it doesn’t matter!  It all comes down to the same things!   YOU MUST WORK at it. GET HELP when you need it.   And SHARE with as many people as possible who MIGHT need what you have to offer.

The thing is you can go it alone but you will struggle OR you can go with others where you learn and help each other grow.  Success is yours.  You just have to reach out for it.

How to get a start online

The hardest thing to realize is not everyone wants to do what you have to offer.  Some people do not see it as you see it.  Most people are afraid to take chances and who can blame them with all that has happened and all the abuse of online business opportunities.
So if you are ready to follow let’s find out How to get a start online& survive
January is a time for “new years” resolutions, fresh starts and doing something new!   It is a fresh new beginning.  Full of promise and focus on who you want to become.   Setting goals and dreaming BIG Dreams!  If you have dreams and goals then the place to start your journey is right here.




1.  Decide you are going to become a Networking professional in 2017 – This website is the only resource you need to become a Professional Networker. – wealthy Affiliate University

2. Stop thinking about things you have chosen as a hobby or something you do on the side. It needs to be extremely professional and your business should be a very serious business to own.

3. Find a Mentor you can learn from and respect.

4. My next target is to become financially independent, And I will because I have already decided I will.  Have you?

5. You don’t need an education, a degree, qualifications or a good credit score to be successful. ANYONE over 18  has exactly the same opportunity regardless of age, race, background or past!



It’s not just about the money but the freedom of time that building a networking business gives you. It is about the people you Know that you can genuinely help because what you have to share is precious to anyone’s future in online marketing.



How to get a Start Online

I choose where I work when I work, how hard I work, who I work with and I write my own commissions. If this is what you want, you need to start thinking like a CEO, or a business owner and not like an employee anymore.  Think and plan your future now. The economy is not getting any better.  And if that is the case, yours can’t be either.

It sounds a bit harsh maybe, but it is the truth.  I do not believe in telling you anything but the truth.  It is a learning curve and you Need to start Now.

It may have to be Part-time for a few years or less but you can live life on your terms.  I  encourage the part-time unless you do not have one of those ‘job-jobs’.  Let’s be real, you will not be an overnight sensation or even in 30 days.   That is not the norm in any marketing when you first start out.Anyone telling you a different story is not telling you the whole truth.

How to Get a Start Online


            DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?

How to Get Started Online and survive…. you need a Plan!

finding free leads does happen

What is your plan if your job is gone or hours cut?  Do you want to make a plan starting in January 2017?  For sure I know I am.  If you do, may I suggest you start now rather than later?  Give yourself the time to research and get a good feel for what could be your new business in motion.  I have the opportunity to share with you and it really is exciting because anyone anywhere can do this and actually should.

So, do you have a 30-day plan to get going in January? Do you have a business you do from home now? The nice thing about affiliate marketing is you can add more than one.   So cool!   Is it time to start a 30-day plan?  It is time to learn how to do this the right way.

How to Get a Start Online

A way for You………

I believe I have found that which I know will work, eventually, just not in the beginning.  NO, it is Not M.L.M. AND not direct sales!   It is Affiliate Marketing where all the choices are yours. 
I am building a solid legacy and branding ME.  All while being in a passive market.   I love the fact that what I am doing is genuinely helping people and I am making a difference to people’s lives.  And one of the best parts, you can try this for free, yes, no CC required.

Still asking, “What’s the Catch?”  The answer is still None!  Unless you call straight up honesty and transparency a catch, then nope,  Nothing!

start online & survive

I hope this has inspired you to try and make 2017 different than other years and that you will take action!

Get in touch asap if you would like to chat or ask questions. If I can’t answer them for you I will find the answer or connect you to someone who can.  Perhaps you would find it easier to share this using one of our social icons here.  If so, it is greatly appreciated.  That is how we grow and reach more people.

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