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    My Goal is To Be Your Coach, Your Helper & Finding what Can Work

                                                                                      I am Merry C.

    It is my privilege and goal to help each of you reach the potential you have wanted to create for a long time. 

    Getting to know me and why you might choose’me’ as your helper is a small part of this learning experience.  But I still want to say a big ‘Hi, Welcome to my site!

    Maybe you thought about a Home Biz but the only ones you were familiar with were Multi-Level or Direct Sales types of marketing.  Yes, they also call it relationship marketing and a host of other ‘marketings’ but really they all come down to one thing.  You marketing products for either:

    A.  Yourself

    B.  A Company that you have joined as a rep.

    C.  Affiliate Marketing


    Getting to Know Me

    So who the heck am I that I can help educate you to learn and possibly reach your goals?  Well, actually I am nobody fancy or rich or famous but what I am, IS HONEST.   Getting to know me is about where I have been, where I am going and helping you if you are in the same place.

    I can hopefully help you overcome a lot of the obstacles I overcame, and NOT fall prey to those ‘hoodlums’ on the Internet that call themselves Gurus.  Helping you find where you can get some REAL training that will simplify the whole mess for you.  Simple, honest NOT in your face kind of training and help.  No CC’s required either!  

    And no Live Webinar calls to entice you to join something not now but right now and we are talking for thousands of dollars!  Hell, if I had thousands of dollars to play with I might be doing things differently too.

    I have or Had been struggling for years trying to figure out this Internet thing.  Others were getting it, so why not me? Why couldn’t I find the right place to get help?  

    Because I didn’t know any better.  Much like you perhaps?  But I am just guessing on that one.  I now know that just because a website is fancier than all the others, does not make it Better! That is one Huge Lesson I learned!  And just because it works for your ‘friend’ it may not be for you.  Keep that thought close by.

    I learned that just because it costs an arm and a leg does not mean it is worth one damn nickel or dime in the end if you can’t do the same thing.  What is important is the transparency.  Are they telling you the truth about cost, what to expect and what is offered or are they skirting the issue with a lot of fancy dancy words?

    Have you ever wondered about those people hiding behind their websites using models and props in their videos that are so believable?   So believable in fact they have produced thousands and thousands of dollars from a lot of people just like you and me.

    More About Me

    I still remember the day I was watching this video, thinking how awesome it would be to make that kind of money and live that way when I noticed something very familiar.  It was the same room I had seen another video being done in!!!   I am not kidding!!  Still not sure what came first!  Being pissed at them or at me for falling for this stuff again!

    The good news is we can learn from our mistakes!   The only problem might be if you still don’t know where to go to fulfill your dream and reach that potential you know you still have.  That is where I come in. If you will allow yourself to trust me, I know I can help.

    I am not that good at receiving but sure do love to do the giving.  Mine is the kind of personality that would feel terrible guilt for having an ice cream cone if I walked past an unfortunate individual on the streets.  

    When I see some of the homeless in my area going to the church for a special dinner or just lunch, I say silently…….”If Not By the grace of God, there go I.”  I Love being a secret Santa and adopting needy families.  I just love to help when I can.  And there you go…..my about Me in short form.



    My gift to you to establish that trust factor is You Can Try this for FREE and Stay FREE as long as you need to.  It will be up to you.  Yes, I am telling you the truth so put your silly CC away!  Ready to see?

    My #1 Shout Out and Fav is:


    My Other Two Top Favs that are a Must Read


    # 2 Goes to Karatbars  ( Not investing and trading but Saving ) 

        be an affiliate of Karatbars                       karatbars vs bitcoin pefect for Gals


    As a ‘Girl’ I always wanted to know more about investing, but the truth is I didn’t understand the stock market thing.  I knew I needed something that was going to be easy to implement and something I could get started with for not too too much money.  You know, pretty affordable for everyone.

    A friend recently suggested I have a look at what he said might be of interest. And it might be for you too.  Just click on Karatbars below and it will take you to a video which explains most of what you need to know up-front.  And if not just shout out at me.  After all that is part of getting to know me.

    It certainly sparked my interest.  Just knowing it has been around for some time and growing in leaps and bounds gave me peace of mind so I invested a small amount to start in Karatbars.   Don’t go there if you don’t have any spare money.  You don’t have to.  You can join for free and earn your own gold too.  This is an affiliate program so that choice is always there for you.

    I can say I am very pleased with everything I see there.  If you would like to know more just send me a message and I will be back to you promptly.


    Shout Out #3

    best home business for Moms and weddings

    I am so proud to be an affiliate of  STELLA & DOT.   I love the fact that it resembles an MLM with products but yet is so different.  There are no sign-up costs as an affiliate and no forced monthly auto-ships or quotas as a stylist.  You will need to make a kit purchase should you want to do this from home sharing with friends, but even that is reasonable.  I have loved Stella & Dot products for a long time and was over the moon when I saw the affiliate offer. 

    I think I have babbled enough.  These are my top 3 but I do have other suggestions on my site that you can check out.  Actually, I welcome you to do that because they are pretty cool and pretty fun.  And I am updating things you can do and earn $$ for sharing all the time.  That is what Affiliate Marketing is all about.  Helping you figure out what to do next.  

    Merry says this is the best home business for Moms



    4 thoughts on “Getting to know me

    1. I love the fact that working online opens the doors for anyone, whether they’re male, female, old, young, black, white, asian, gay, straight, religious, agnostic, republicans or democrats or whatever.

      It’s a level playing field online, there can be little discrimination involved. That’s amazing about marketing online, right?


      • You bet it is James! I love the fact that anyone can do something to change their lives and the best part is we have some incredible options for everyone too. Gotta love Wealthy Affiliate for what they do for so many. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts James. So very appreciated.

    2. Hi Merry! You are so merry indeed! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story and your passion to help others in succeeding in the online world because not everyone is like that. I actually know an acquaintance couple who have an online business selling health products and supposedly it was doing so well. I remember asking them what resources they used to learn at how to succeed online and to my surprise they didn’t want to share any info with me! They just told me to find any kind of book even though like many people out there, I’ve been doing all these crappy programs. So thank you and please continue spreading your contagious positive energy!

      • Thank you, Vanessa for those wonderful kind words. I was where you were too and that is why I am passionate about helping others find what is REAL. And Up-Front first.

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