How to Build a Business Online the Easier Way

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

how to build a business online


You Can Build a Business OnlineToday

Yes, Yes You Can!  You must be ready for what we call a long-term approach.  Okay?  Are we on the same page?  There are a lot of different promises of ” Set it and forget it”  but unless you put the work in, give it a solid effort, it still will not happen.  Please remember this because far too many do not tell you the truth when it comes to how to build a business online.

You deserve a 5*****star promise.  Not a fly by nite 2** that is promising you air.  That is just a NO to what anyone deserves.  You will need some help and some proven expert guidance.  How many times have you started trying to get a business going but it was

  • too difficult
  • cost more than your kids
  • you got lost in the process……

How About We Look into those ‘Done-For-You Tools’

Can anyone promise you 100% that you will make money online?  No.  If they do, they are being very foolish!!   You need to keep your eyes open.  There are programs online that offer ‘do it all 4 U’ systems that will run upwards of $1500.00!  I am not kidding.  Is that too much for a business in a box?  For some, it is not too much.  For others, however, it is totally out of their range.  It certainly did not fit into my budget.

Was I disappointed?  You bet your sweet patooties I was.  What I saw was mind-boggling, to say the least.  So does that mean if you can’t afford to play with the big dawgs you don’t get to play period?  Or in this case, how to build a business online is not going to happen?  I am relieved to say no.  What it does mean is you have to make a commitment.  Not to me.  Not to the gal sitting next to you on the sky train!  Just to Yourself.

Let’s Have a Look at What Can Happen on a Live Webinar

Usually, they are free to attend but sometimes, and this is remote, they will ask you for a commitment of anywhere from $1 to $5.  Okay, so you have heard this person’s name A LOT in your online searches. So you know it will be good.  The point I need you to get is that EVERY live webinar I have attended that is free or very low is going to come at you with an offer.

The Really Really good ones do this after they have shared with you what they and others who join in on the webinar as speakers or part of the team have done using what they are going to propose to you. Some do not even tell you what it is or what is coming.  They lead you up to this finale in such a way that you want to do this.  You really want to know how to build a business online!

Problem is, it is probably a great system……..I have actually seen two that were totally freaking awesome but also totally freakin’ over my pay grade.  And they wonder why there is only a 10% success rate!  Wow.  First clue??

business in a box is too expensive so how to build a business online is out of range?

no money left to learn how to build a business online

How to Build a Business online in under 30 Min.

I just watched one done in under 20 min. and one done in 30 min.  Two entirely different concepts, both legit and yes, doable.  What they forget to tell you is you will have to work it darling.  That means put the time and effort in.  It will not take care of itself, all by itself!

Some very important things to think about when building a business online can scare the pants off you if you have no clue how this is done.  If you have a bit of an idea then you are still going to find yourself in the dark at some point.  The truth is, without help and guidance it will take you months and days to get your site up and working and getting eyes on it.

eyes will be on you as you build a business not a job

I am just going to do a short list of the things you need to know and understand that they will either tell you first, to scare you, and it will, or they will just show you the business in a box success ratio right away.  Ready?

To Build a Business online You will need to know how to:

  1. Build your website, Blog or one-page lead site
  2. Find a niche
  3. Get your own domain name
  4. Find products for your niche ( where??)
  5. get your affiliate URL’S so you can earn
  6. get an autoresponder
  7. set up your opt in forms on your site
  8. make a free gift or give away to encourage people to join you
  9. write your emails and put into your autoresponder
  10. find your audience ( those eyes on your site)

There are more things that come up as you go thru each of the 10 steps to throw you off target but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Gosh, I felt just like one of the guru guys or gals I saw.    Not meant to happen, I promise.

What I want to share with you is where you can learn all this stuff and more for a pittance in comparison to some of the offers you and I have seen.  We always hope, at least I do, that one of these very famous dudes would give you a break but that is not the case.  Maybe I am too naive.  Do you know the name, Anik Segal?  Bob Proctor?  and a few others from the ‘Secret’ ++.  If you do, then you can more than relate to where I was.

Does It Have To Be All Big and Fancy with a lot of Glitz to work?

No, and that is my point.  That is a very nasty bug that goes around and there is only one way to cure it. Yes, I am talking about the ‘Glitz, Glamour & Sparkle’ Syndrome!  Everyone seems to come in contact with this.  The cure?  Look for the Truth before the Sparkle.

Usually, on those sites or live Webinars, the sparkle is very apparent.  When you do your research and you consistently see the same name coming up in the top 10 spots on Google or Bing that is Truth. They don’t need a lot of hype and nonsense to reach those spots.

That is exactly what I found when I first did my search for this training platform.  I was pretty much at the end of my rope, getting broker and my defeat button was flashing at a very high frequency.  I didn’t want to quit but sheesh, maybe I was just not meant to have this kept going thru my mind.  Do you know what I mean?  It is not a good feeling.

Okay, so I don’t want to sound like those guys I just listened to who was pitching relentlessly!  Just the straight goods.  Here is where I found what I believe is the best online training and affiliate program today!  No, they are not new.  Since 2005 I believe with a lot of real time success stories to encourage anyone.

The system I use, and the one I highly recommend is not 100% unique but it is time tested and has proven that they are here to stay. I hope you are a little surprised by my honesty with that last statement. It is very important to me that I only share what I know can and does work.

I know you have heard this at least a kazillion times and you have also heard the opposite but you must be willing to work and be patient, Do not rush the process and put the ‘money’ thing on the back burner as you get started. Is this mandatory? Of course not, but it is highly suggested.  The key is to NOT reinvent the wheel or get too creative thinking you know it all. This is the one time that when you are told not to reinvent anything is a good thing.

What You See Is What You Will Get

Yes, it is true.  Here is just where that happens.  Straight up honesty and if you take your time and read your welcome email, look around the site and see what you need to know, and then proceed you will be on your way.

best place to learn how to build a business not a job

Wealthy Affiliate, for those of you who may be new to internet marketing, is an online university for people to learn how to build a business online and make money from it. Wealthy Affiliate comes with many tools and some are FREE to use.   You can actually be a FREE member of Wealthy Affiliate for life!  It is not just a 7 or 10-day trial run.  Please Note * (You will be offered the opportunity to become a premium member for more tools and training.

Another Note worth ***** You do not have to provide your credit card details. NO CC required!!  100% Risk-free and the good news is that you will have access to the Getting Started Certification Course and you will be able to create 2 FREE websites. You can start your online business for absolutely FREE!

Pretty huge indeed!!  And no, everything I have just said is true.  You will be given a choice and that is why I suggested you keep your eyes on the package as you begin.  It is in the beginning so much is missed because of perhaps excitement or just being in too much of a hurry.  Don’t let your first steps to success get blurred!

look carefully at the details as you build a business not a job


You will need to know the right steps to:

  • finding products
  • building your website or mini niche site
  • sharing pertinent & helpful information
  • monetizing your sites

All of this is shared in your free training.  You can move on to more, but seriously, this is an amazing start.


A few of the extras should you CHOOSE to get really serious.  

PREMIUM membership grants you access to ALL of the Wealthy Affiliate’s services which include but are not limited to:

  1. Certification Courses Getting Started Course as well as the Bootcamp Training
  2. You can create up to 50 websites (25 FREE websites & 25 Websites where you own the domain name for it)
  3. You can Have access to Live Chat++
  4. 24/7/366 Site Support
  5. Personal coaching and mentoring
  6. Friday nite live webinar training

There is more, but it gets too much like the ‘pitch’ I am not fond of. So I will leave it where it is.  From here you make the decision. Take the ‘Can’t’ out of the equation and take baby steps.  Slow Down to go Fast!!  A slogan I adopted from an amazing book called the ‘Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olsen

Whether it is Wealthy Affiliate University or another platform you will always have to put the effort in to win.  That is life.  Take your first step and see where you land.  You cannot change what you don’t recognize and change does not happen without taking some form of action.  If you want to know how to build a business online, I cannot say enough about wealthy affiliate.  Join us today!


Okay, I think I got a little chatty Cathy on you so I am turning the keyboard over to you now!  If you have questions or a thought you would like to share I would be really happy to read it.  Perhaps you are a little shy but you did enjoy reading my post today.  Would you consider sharing some love?  My social site icons are here somewhere……….hopefully they are behaving today and stayed where I put them. Anyway, if you just click on one or two that would be Awesomely awesome!!  Yup, that gets you into the ‘gooder’ club too. The keyboard is all yours…………


I am the boss and i did build a business not a job  Merry C



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