How to Build an Online Business From Anywhere

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

how to build an online business

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How to Build An Online Business From Anywhere


Building an online business from the best in the industry DOES not mean you can do it with your eyes closed or that it will happen overnight.  For you to build an online business and do it all from your sofa, in your jammies and anywhere else for that matter you need both knowledge and patience.  That part is the truth.  It just doesn’t happen in the same time frame as many want you to believe.

That part is the truth.  It just doesn’t happen in the same time frame or as easily as many want you to believe.

And that my friends is one of the biggest reasons we see so many people not able to make a go of it.  Why we see and hear of so much frustration and why so many are reluctant to try again.  When you are programmed to believe in all that sparkle, glitter and speed it is sending the wrong message about how to build an online business from home. Consequently, it is NOT the business-in-a-box with instant results they tell you.

Can You Blame Them?

Have you been frustrated and feeling dumber than dumb after trying and falling on your head one time too many?  I was!  What I did learn ‘eventually’ was how to spot a scam much quicker AND even more important was to stand up for myself and fight for that refund when it was due.

Of course, I would be telling a big white lie if I said it was ALWAYS THEIR fault and I had nothing to do with being there.   We still have to be somewhat responsible for our actions.  What I learned to do was separate the responsibility and not put all the blame in one corner.  Do you know what I am saying?

Sometimes we are in too big of a hurry and don’t read the fine print or perhaps just blindly jump in!  I won’t tell if you don’t!!

shhh, don't tell how to build an online business from here


This is not easy to spot.  Mostly due to the fact these kinds of people think only of themselves.  They have no morals and certainly no emotion when it comes to stealing money from people.  The bottom line is Always about ‘Them’!

YES, they will do anything it takes.  Say anything to make it happen and show you all kinds of ‘photoshopped’ pictures and testimonies for believability.  With all the tools and tricks available today, you can pretty much alter whatever you need to.  Heck, if you can build a house using virtual tools that people can actually live in, don’t you think a few alterations to a check, a website, testimonies or a video shot from “their home” could fool you?


This is a real story, that really did happen.  To save any embarrassment to the individuals in question we shall leave that part anonymous.  This poor person was feeling just a little scattered as they shared this with me and I did promise to be discreet in every way.

‘Joe’ had just started online and was trying to find ways to make money from home.  He loved the idea of doing this quickly and having it all done for you too.  All he had to do was share what sounded like an amazing opportunity to people who were looking to make some real money!

The team he was joining was a really ‘good looking’ classy group of people.  Lot’s of husband and wife teams and they always sent such nice information to his email.  Joe felt really quite special as every email was really targeted to his needs and wants and they never once forgot his name!  He was impressed.  They even took the time to Call him.

Slam Dunk and he’s In like Flynn!

The point of this very short story is the fact that Joe had no idea what this business really was or for that matter, who these people were.  All he knew was they were treating him pretty special with all the emails and information they were giving him and the photos looked so awesome.

‘JOE’ was so naive that he did not know the emails were from an auto-responder system.  He didn’t even know what an autoresponder was!  He seriously thought they were personal emails to him only.  Ladies, stop laffing at poor Joe!   The thing is that when you go online and have no idea of the who, what or where you are setting yourself up as a TARGET! 

we grow and learn from mistakes and that is how we build an online business from anywhere too.

[bctt tweet=”The day you stop making mistakes is the day you stop learning. ” username=”MerryConnerc7″] Joe can laugh at his naivety now, as he remarkably has a successful online business making him a nice income.  This is the kind of thing that happens to unsuspecting people who are wanting and needing a way to make extra income.

How to Build an Online Business From your Sofa or??


I can only speak for myself right now, but can certainly relate to ‘Joe’. Having being led into a Funnel System a few years ago I still have a very bad taste for that practice.  I always feel as though it is being somewhat dishonest when you are luring people in, tossing them about for a bit and then either keeping them or spitting them out.

This can be the nature of the business and the only way this gets any stars from me is if the Funnel is 100% honest.  That honesty was not presented to me until I started training at the WA university.

You can start and learn how to build an online business from Wealthy Affiliate University.  And I strongly recommend Kyle & Carson who are the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.  Everything is laid out on the table, no upsells, no fancy frills to make things look better.  NO CC required to get started.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that teaches you how to set up your website, stat a blog, find a niche, how to become an affiliate marketer and learn what a plugin is.   And for any ‘Joe’s’ out there,  how to set up an autoresponder and some could even be free to try and longer!

The biggest thing I can say to you is IF you have encountered some of those nasty guys and gals online you WILL see the difference almost immediately at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is 100% transparent.  They even offer one of the highest commissions in the affiliate marketing industry so you can earn while you learn.

The proof is evident and it will speak for itself.  Click right here for your free access and I will connect with you there.




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