How to Find Customers Online is Not what you have been told!!

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.


how to find customers online

Help! How Can I find Customers Online?


Where and how to find customers online?   Yes, You CAN!  No, You CAN’T,  Yes, you CAN!  How many times have you seen this back and forth going on?  One says, yes you can, and others say No you can’t. The truth is it is really damned hard when it comes to how to find customers online using the one line lead pages and so-called money lines unless ‘you be the one who started it all!’ ( yes, I meant it to be written that way) or they came in first on the podium.

When you are new to any home business where you will be using the Internet, without some form of knowledge about how to do it, it will not be easy.  It probably won’t even happen! Sorry to be giving you the bad news.  It isn’t just about how to find customers online.  No.  You need to find where to learn first.

Well then, I guess that means there is no Easy part? There is only one easy that I know of and that is finding your way clear to the best training available online. I very honestly thought this was just a hocus-pocus as I had been led into one too many so-called ‘learning how to make money’, but I was just a wee bit wrong on that.  It actually can be pretty easy and like a breath of fresh air.  But it does require trust.  Like that would be right now kind of trust.

get the training you need first and how to find customers online second

Find the Truth and It Might Just Set You Free


Being as I said that part was easy, I guess I had better share where I found some people just like you and me!  Yup! People who either:

a. want to start an online business
b. have no knowledge of website building or how to use WordPress
c. bloggers who want to monetize their sites

If you have a few minutes I would love to this real live testimony with you.   The real reason is that when I met other people who had experienced similar situations and frustration it made sense to share.   My experience leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate… I assume was pretty much the same as most people who are determined to build a successful online business.

Here is One of those…My Own

I spent years drifting from one ‘get rich scheme’ to the next and when my hard earned money was not being taken from under my nose, I was left with very little to show in return for the mass amounts of effort that I was putting into it.

The problem I had was that 50% of the programs were nothing more than hyped up scams, and the others, though being honest people behind them lacking in either the fundamentals or in the overall completeness of the products or training that I was paying for.

Out of frustration in trying to figure out if I was being scammed yet again by another product, I stumbled across a review that all of a sudden was telling me that the product I was looking at was good, BUT that it was NOT recommended by the writer. The writer, a WA member was urging me to look at Wealthy Affiliate first.

 This stumped me completely… He was turning down a high-value sale in return for one that would make him pennies in comparison… I had not seen this before… Why???

Could it be that I had just found the first truly honest person doing a review in all my years of searching?

What did he know that I didn’t?

Needless to say, I jumped from his review straight into the free membership… Another few and far between-thing that happens in the online community.  A product that was so confident they would let me try it for free.

2 days after joining Wealthy Affiliate, I knew without a doubt I was where I needed to be and I couldn’t have been more excited. I could finally see all of the pieces of a puzzle I had been searching for all those years… So simply falling into place.

It finally made sense… And I was not once told that I had to promote WA in order to make any money online… Nope, I had the choice to build my business on anything I was passionate about.  Wow, who does that?  I thought I had landed in Online Heaven.


All of the information that had been fed to me over the years was now in one structured and easy to follow, learning to earn as you completed each training module.

No upsells, no advertising, no hype… Just a community of amazing people all with common goals and EVERYONE eager to help one another!


How to Find Customers Online is on everyone’s mind

You can spend hours posting your links and writing content but it takes time before you will see a lot of visitors if any. It has never ceased to amaze me how we think or perhaps it is because we are told this, that all we need is to put up a pretty website or fancy blog and the customers will roll in!

Where did this come from anyway? You are right! ‘You be the one that started it all’ as in anyplace where they said they would teach you to learn how or a place where they told you it was going to happen over nite!  And it happens while you sleep too!  Which also means you don’t have to do anything!  Nope, nothing!!  Right then,  and I have a full sized freezer I am going to sell the Eskimo living in the igloo next door!

We Know This is Not How You Attract Real Customers!


Why?  Because seriously how to find customers online is not the way you have been told!   You can go buy leads or use a lead generating tool or join the so-called one line money sites that promise you leads and potential customers.  But really what happens here is you join and then everyone else in the program reaches out to ‘hit you up’ with their program.  Why wouldn’t they?  They have been fed the same line of nonsense you have.  And yes, I have fallen for it too and I think that is why I can see thru the smoke.

We are told continually that if you don’t have visitors and if you don’t have a LOT of these you don’t have the capacity to make money!  It’s the same as having products to sell.  IF you don’t have any, you will not make any money.  The only ‘Easy Money’ is in your Lead generation.  Seriously?  No, it is all Bogus!  It does Not happen anymore!

Shoot and you thought it was really going to be easy like cutting cheese with a sharp knife!  Well, who can blame you if that is all you have been told up until now.  Not me!  I can’t possibly do that when I have been under the same guise.

Where are all the People?

So, would you like to know where you can find people, thousands of people, and they visit every day? Would that peak your curiosity a little? It does not matter if you are in M.L.M. or Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing or if you are Drop Shipping.  YOU need PEOPLE!  Do you have People?  We all need eyes on our websites, products or services.  That much I think everyone can agree on.

I am talking about social media marketing.  Being an Authority Content advisor.  You do not need to be joining the one line programs that promise you all loads of leads for your service or program or products.  You really can do better than that and all it requires is a bit of time, focus, and dedication to learning how to do this.  When you learn how you will then know how to find customers online, without having to join some silly ‘lead program’.




Yes, here it comes. I can literally shoot myself in the foot right here OR You are going to really appreciate my honesty! Yes, there is more. You can do this all for free or for a one-time upgrade option that is less than $2.00 a day!  Not kidding.  Click on the photo that is offering you the opportunity right now⇓


You will be OFFERED one opportunity to upgrade to a higher level if you so choose to do so!  No Obligation.   It really comes down to what you need and what you see as being more helpful to you in the future.
I am not going to go into too much here as it really is a personal choice.  You can stay FREE forever but it could be harder…oh shoot…it will be harder.  That is the truth.  No point in pretending now, is there?

Without knowledge, you will for sure be Without traffic and then you have $0.   Just click thru and try it FREE.  Deal?  You do not even need a CC!


That’s it for today   I hope you found something that will help you in deciding your next step in your future.  I have a comment section just below and love to read those thoughts or questions you might have.  If time is short, you have the option of being a one-click wonder and doing the like and share via social icons.


All the best ♥

Merry C

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