How to Set Up A Blog Site for the least amount of money

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Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

How To Set Up A Blog Site

Don’t you just love how so many bloggers tell you how to set up a blog site is super easy to do?  Well, they are not spilling all the beans and that is the truth. You can’t just go to WordPress or Blogger and start writing.  Well, let me rephrase that.  You can just go to WP or Blogger and start writing but you will probably not be found anytime soon unless you hold celebrity status.

celebs like the bachelorette may know how to set up a blog site

  The Bachelorette

If you are brand new to blogging or any marketing online then how to set up a blog site is not as easy as it is indicated.  You have to learn a few things first and you have to implement what you learn.  And that is just in the beginning!

Have you ever wondered why so few are truly making a solid living from blogging full time?  I didn’t, not at first.  I was just so excited that I found something I could be passionate about that I just jumped on in!  Kind of like jumping into a pool without checking to see how deep the water is!  

Impulsive Doesn’t Always work

Getting your blog site set up the right way is imperative.  You can still be somewhat impulsive, but you seriously need to do some research for finding where you trust that the information being shared is the Real Deal X 2!  

I was the impulsive one, who paid dearly being frustrated and feeling dumber than dumb………that is until I trusted my gut instincts and found my way to just a few things that made an incredible difference for me.  I hope I can save you from some of that today.

It will NOT, nor is any part of blogging or learning how to set up a blog site FAST!  It doesn’t happen that way.  If you are looking for fast money or success in 10 days to 6 weeks then this is not what will work for you.  Sorry, but in this instance, it is the truth that will set you free.  

Oh I know they tell you it can be done, and heck some even offer a guarantee if you pay them enough money first.  But you know what?  I looked at a lot of those in the beginning and not because I was not smart.  No, it was because I was like a fish out of water and I believed what they said.  I mean, look how fast the Internet is?  So why wouldn’t you be able to make money quickly? 

That was Fun but now it is time for Truth

If you have been where I was you know this is not easy.  You also know how frustrating it is to have your hard earned money, time and self-worth being abused by these low life.

low life scammers are not good at showing you how to set up a blog site

I have researched and done a couple of reviews and I was shocked at what some people do.  If you want to read one that is really seriously bad it is here.

There are more like that character if you read the review but the point today is sharing something positive and a few things that can help you earn the extra income you are looking for using blogging platforms.

My # 1

Before finding this training I was ready to call it a day!  Like in a forever kind of day.  But instead I did one last search and what I found has turned into my #1. Will it be your #1?  Maybe, maybe not.  I hope so, because I am so tired of reading the same stories about people, just like us, losing money to if not a scam a system that promised the sun and delivered storm clouds.

Okay, so what exactly is my #1 and how could it help you?  Let me first tell you this is not the new kid on the block.  WA has been in existence for some time now.  Twelve+ years.   Here is where I learned how to market online honestly and I am still there learning more all the time. You can do this if you are looking into affiliate marketing, MLM or relationship marketing, branding or your own products you have discovered.  This training is for anyone and any age.  Seriously!  

This learning platform is for You if you are looking into affiliate marketing, MLM or relationship marketing, branding or your own products you have discovered. This training is for anyone and any age and pretty much any country.  Seriously!  

Some Technical Terms

  • Do you know what Analytics is?  I didn’t either.  
  • How about something a little easier.  A plugin or a widget?  
  • Or why keywords can make or break you?  
  • What about an AutoResponder or Capture page?  
  • SEO and the best to use for the best results

These are just a few of the little nuggets you will need to know about as you progress with your website or Blog.  All are very important at some point.  Just not in the beginning so you can relax now.

Most won’t even mention any of those.  Why?  Because heck, you could be running straight on outta there at full speed!  And in all seriousness, we need all the help we can get when you consider the fact that billions of people use the Internet daily and you need to be found somewhere in that fold.

Here is HOW you will do that:

  1. You are going to go HERE and sign up for a FREE account
  2.  Find Me so I can help guide you… profile name is MsMerry
  3.  Start your training right away and prepare to set up your free site

here is where you learn how to set up a blog site

It’s always a little overwhelming when you first join something new and that is why it is a good idea to have a little extra guidance when you first get there.

You will see one and one only offer to upgrade within a certain time limit to save over 50% BUT….hold up now……it is an OPTION!  You can stay free as long as you like and upgrade only when you are ready.  ♥This is very important and very much out in the open.♥  There are no hidden fees that will jump out and surprise you anywhere here.  

More Goodies for You

↑ What You need to set up a blog site is here.↑  And lucky for me, and you, if you join me, most everything is in the back office on the Wealthy Affiliate University platform. You can learn about them and how they work and why they are important to your success all in one place.  ‘Stuff’ you will need to run your business smoothly on a daily basis minus all the pomp and fluff the others deliver!  


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