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Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

Legitimate Online Jobs 4 Students Moms+Dads

anyone, anywhere can find legitimate online jobs for others

Legitimate online Jobs for anyone, where you can start today and build a lucrative business do exist. Just not all are what they claim to be.  Affiliate Marketing is one of those legal online jobs for you to take a closer look at.  This is where you Share Products or Services offered by companies and then you earn a commission when anybody makes a purchase thru your link.  Bingo, you just got paid. These are authorized online employment opportunities and they do work and they are perfect for anyone of any age or background!

Affiliate marketing is not about how much you know.  It is more about passion and from there broken down into easy steps that you can learn.

I call what I do and many others, Passive Marketing. Legitimate online jobs for anyone who wants to put in the time and effort.  You are doing a business from home, for yourself but never by yourself.  It is the easiest and least costly way to start a home business.  Nothing else comes even remotely close.

What is The Difference from Others?

affilite marketing is one of the legitimate online jobs for anyone

Affiliate marketing is a completely different breed of marketing and should not be confused with MLM or Direct Sales Companies.  It is also the furthest thing from being an overnight success as many will try and tell you.  It is 100% legitimate.  Work and patience must be applied.

Furthermore, if you are required to do any of the⇓ following⇓ it is not what we consider to be affiliate marketing.

What is NOT required:

  •  presentations in hotels
  •  home parties
  •  recruit members in order to make a decent living
  •  pay any fees upfront for kits or company websites
  •  purchase product or auto ship services monthly
  •  weekly sales meetings, weekly training or webinars

What is Required to be an Affiliate Marketer is:

  1. A Website or a Blog.
  2. Your own domain name
  3. Content on your site that is relevant to the companies products

So How Much is This Going to Really Cost Me?

I prefer to be open and honest about everything so that brings me to answer this question with a short list.

A.  Cost of your Domain Name  (app. $13.00- $15.00 for a year depending where you purchase)

B.  Hosting for your site which can range upwards from $9.99 a month

C.  Training which can run from $49.00 a month to $150.00 a month.


Now Hold the Fort for just a minute!!  I thought you said affiliate marketing was FREE?  Where is the free in this? 

there are costs to consider for legitimate online jobs for you

Hang tight!  SO…What if I told you there is a Free training Platform available for you to test and learn how to build your foundation?   Before you even make any decisions as to whether this could be a good fit.

PLUS….U get two free sites to build while you are deciding.  Are you still with me?  Because a very important step is coming up and I don’t want you to miss it.  It is going to save you not only money but time.   This is especially relevant if you have tried and failed one time too many and are a little short on the $$’s.

Here is what Happens If You Choose to Stay with Wealthy Affiliate Online Training.  There is a one-time upgrade.  Yes, ONE only.  None of the nonsense that as soon as you pay for your purchase, you get hit with another offer that costs even more.   Nope!  Not here.  And besides all that, doesn’t, it cost money to set up any business?

Of course, it does.  When you compare the actual cost it is peanuts in the big scheme of things.  There is no 100% Free anywhere anytime.  At some point in the process, it is going to cost you something. The sooner you realize this is the truth the better it will be.  You won’t be wasting time on silly live webinars and other sites that promise the moon.

It is going to Get Better!!

Remember the costs above?  Where you would be paying for your domain name and hosting and a website.  Yes?  Good because this is where it gets really awesome.  You will only have to pay for your domain name should you upgrade from FREE to Premium.  Yes, everything is included in your $49.00 monthly fee.  If you choose to do this in the designated time frame your first month is honestly the best deal since sliced bread!  I am not kidding.

So what you will be getting in this fee is a place to:

  • Build your websites and Blogs ( up to 25)
  • Training that is almost hold-your-hand easy to follow steps
  • Hosting is included and everything you need to keep your work safe.
  • earn commissions as an affiliate

knowledge is priceless in looking for legitimate online jobs for success

Affiliate Marketing and is what I consider to be one of the best legitimate online jobs and home business ideas for you to work solely from home. The commissions paid will vary, but if you choose wisely, you can find some that are the highest in the industry.  With that being said, Wealthy Affiliate is one of those that is the highest in the industry and well worth joining.

Affiliate Markets Available at Amazon, Walmart +

Knowledge is not a requirement to start and no CC’s are needed as an Affiliate. If you choose to go with other options provided there will be some costs incurred but you will receive products that are of a higher value.  Age is not a barrier.  We have members as young as 18 and as senior as 79. You are never too old to learn new things.

yoou are never too old to find legitimate online jobs to get out of debt

Knowledge is a powerful tool and one that is necessary when it comes to legitimate online jobs for anyone.  You will NOT find anything better than the Wealthy Affiliate University to get that knowledge.

I know it probably sounds like I am doing a hard sell right now, but that is not my intention.  I know what I have and I know what others don’t have!  It is a desire, no probably more like a passion I have for everyone to find the opportunity to succeed!

any age and a lot of helpers when you find legitimate online jobs

⇑This is what you can expect⇑

Are you tired of seeing what is not legitimate online jobs?   I want you to click right here, for the most awesome experience.  No, no, put the CC away.  You don’t need one right now.

In conclusion, today I would love to hear from you with a comment, question or just a big Hello.  Also available with the one click method are social icons.  Give it a Go and have an awesome day!



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