Looking Good & Feeling Great Secrets Revealed

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

looking good feeling great


Get These, Do This, Do That and You Will Be…

Looking good feeling great! Okay, girlfriends, I got that one. If you have any health issues at all you can be hindered slightly but there are still ways to get there.   Without doing all the things they tell us to do our chances of looking&good feeling great could result in less than positive results and that’s not much fun, is it?  Aren’t there any food hacks left that are fun and a bit on the indulgent side? 

no cookies do not count in looking good feeling great

 You might relate or at least get a chuckle!

  • somewhat overweight ( okay already!  a bit more than somewhat)
  • never been there before,⇑
  • no clue as to how to diet
  • just a wee bit under-motivated to do what it takes

What I think we need to establish first is this post is not going to direct you to a workout machine, yoga classes or weight watchers.  It is about looking good feeling great first and foremost.  We all want to be there and if I may suggest, we have to start from the inside first.  I know, I know!  It sounds so ‘Cliche’. Here’s  the truth tho’.  Most of us have to retrain our thoughts to start the Feeling Great part of Looking Good feeling great.  It can be simple or difficult.  Our choice.

As we get older,(I like the one that says ‘more mature’ without the ‘Yes Mam’ stuff ) things tend to shift a wee bit or those silly bumps/lumps and crinkles appear out of nowhere.   I agree.  The best part of getting older is BEFORE you get your eyes tested ( blind) and now you are wearing glasses! ( now you can see it all)  We will get to that part and we will have some fun!  I promise!

Looking Good Feeling Great in Reverse

So, as always, we have to start on the inside.  Everyone has a different trigger when it comes to feeling great.  For some, it is the end of a relationship, while others it is the beginning of a new love.  One of the most important things to remember and also one of the most difficult when it comes to self-esteem is You Loving You as You ARE Today!

be special looking good feeling great is just that

It can be difficult, no doubt.  There are a ‘catrillion’ ways and a ‘catrillion’ people to help you figure this out too.  The problem I see is unless You can relate or be receptive to what they are saying, in a video or book form, it won’t make a darn bit of difference.  The feel good about yourself part that helps with the happy you has a short life span.

What You Can Do

This has worked for me so maybe it will help you too.  Some of these ideas might sound really silly, or you may feel silly doing them, but in the end who really gives a poop about what you are doing, other than you!  Yeah, it comes back to us.  Those other guys are just plain preoccupied. Darn that finger pointing stuff anyway!

Some Ideas:

  • Put little positive sayings around your home where you will see them
  • Do one little thing that you enjoy, just for you, every day.
  • contribute one little thing to someone else this week
  • remind yourself of your successes
  • speak gently to yourself as if you were encouraging your best friend
  • be grateful ( find at least 3 things daily to be grateful for)

Progress Comes from Decision Making

CHOOSE your own plan to get the results you are after.  But first, ask yourself what results are you after.  (This is the Looking Good part ladies.)  I am taking this approach as if you have never tried a diet before or never have had an issue with weight.  Well, even if you have it might help.  🙂  Just sayin’.

This is going to be all about what you DO to reach those results.  What I am suggesting is to take small bite size chunks!  Do not look at the Big picture, do not look at the scales.  Look at the Outcome you want to achieve.

Your focus here, on the results you want to see, is where your power will come from.  Focusing on the results that are most important in your life.  One chunk size bite at a time.

And lastly, change your Story!  That one you keep telling yourself.  Do SEE things as they ARE then take action to make the changes you need.   Did you know that if you understand what it is you are doing, and you accept how things are right now in your life you can change it?  It’s true.

I recently read an amazing book written by Jeff Olsen, called the “Slight Edge”. What he says is so simple yet so profoundly true.  Look at this taken from his book, in reference to change.  Remember you have to be going in one direction or the other; you can’t stand still.

” The Universe is curved, and everything is constantly changing.  There are only two possibilities.  Either you let go of where you are and get to where you could be, or you hang onto where you are and give up where you could be.  You are either going for your dreams or giving up your dreams.  Stretching for what could be or settling for what you are.”

There are ways to turn Simple rules we have made or were given in our mindset, into happiness and success.  The trick is to do something about what we want to change daily.  Taking small steps, in small chunks to reach our goals. I am not sure where you can buy this amazing book, but I would encourage you to check your local book store or perhaps one of the online stores like Barnes & Nobel.  It will be worth the effort.

This book is how you can be looking good feeling great always

And Now Back to Looking Good!

Remember we are starting small.  Like with a snack?

perfect snack for looking good & feeling great

Munch on a few cherries for your evening snack or bedtime snack. It’s a powerful antioxidant, which can promote weight loss.

Another double duty awesome night time snack is nuts! Who would have thought these legumes would be a great source of mood-boosting magnesium. And eating more of it can help people who have sleep troubles doze peacefully through the night.

Milk and Yogurts

You might not believe this next snack BUT, there was a study that was done and fat was significantly reduced in those who consumed the most calcium-rich foods. In fact, for every 100 milligrams of calcium they consumed per day (that’ 1/2 cup of soft-serve frozen yogurt), they lost an inch of intra-abdominal fat.

(Lactose Intolerant)

coconut milk or almond milk!  I love Almond Milk and actually, that is my go-to!

Other snacks of course we know are fruits and veggies.  Just not the banana! Raspberries are super foods and they are in season right now along with those yummy cherries.


The whole idea of looking good & feeling great was to give you a little insight into thinking smaller, lose the big picture, and enjoy YOU.  We all need that little extra loving and who best to deliver that but ourselves.  Here is a recent post I did that has more recipes and ideas you might like.

Or, you can check out a few of the many other Ebooks available ⇒   Weight loss products really work! Click here

I love the Ebook format for two reasons:

  1. Instantantaneous
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