Making Money Online Fast Can Be Simple & Easy To do

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

making money online fastMaking Money Online Fast?


Yes, Making Money Online Fast is possible if you know how and keep everything very simple.  There are so many ways to do this, but caution is suggested. With so many people are making money online today, you know it is a plausible solution that is doable.

As to making money online fast, that will be determined by other factors such as:

  • your knowledge of marketing online
  • having your own website ( not a company site)
  • choosing the right products or niche that sell quickly
  • can you or do you have any money set aside for a business?

With so many choices and so many gurus and programs in your face making money online fast can be challenging.  It really doesn’t have to be that way, but you will need help if you want to succeed.

Anyone can do this type of business from home.  Male or Us GALS, young, middle or more mature.  Heck, even the really more mature ( 70 yrs old) are doing this.  I have met a few, yes.  And ladies, Grans and Nana’s too.  You have so much knowledge to offer!

Too often we think we don’t have anything to offer in a business but actually, you do.  You, me and everyone else have at least one thing we can offer another person.  We just think we don’t but I will bet if you were to make a short list of a few things you have done, or what others have said you are great at, you will smile at yourself because you just proved you do have something to offer.  Just seeing other women being successful or trying can be enough to encourage others who are looking and come across your site.

making money online fast


Figure It Out Yourself!  

There isn’t any real detail on how to actually make money online.  You have to kind of figure it out yourself, which is not easy BUT you CAN make it that way.  I recently saw this quote and found it rather appropriate for right now and for this article in particular.


What I mean by figure it out yourself is You knowing exactly what it is you want to sell or share with others so you can be making money online fast or slow!  Everything depends on you and your choices.  I want to share a couple of ideas I have looked at in-depth.  Choices that I know will work for me.

The cost has a lot to do with my choices and I am sure they will with you too. Making money online free is a question we see often.  And with good reason as so many cannot afford to lose their hard earned money or family savings.  It matters where you are with your financials as to what you choose to do to be making money online.

So, before I get into the choices for you to consider, I want you to think about what you have to offer too.  This is important and it will be very relevant in anything you choose to do online.

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have!

thoughts on how to start making money online fast

Thinking about what you have done in your life or what you have used to help you with any problems you come across is your first step.  Writing it down is your second step, and taking action is your third and final step.

But I don’t have anything to OFFER or SELL or to anything online.  I can relate to what you are saying because I was there too.  The FEAR of SUCCESS or FAILURE can be deeply embedded that you don’t even realize you need to get out of your own way!!

Let’s have a look at what you might have right where you are.

  1. What Career do you have now or have left?
  2. Are or were you a ‘stay at home Mom’?
  3. What do you really love doing?
  4. Baking, gardening tips, home DIY’S, sewing tips, hair & make-up,
  5. Life ‘lemons’ you can help others with ( losing weight or health issues)
  6. MLM, direct sales or leadership roles of any kind.(church or charity)

These are meant to get your juices ( ideas ) flowing, and when one or more come start writing them down.  This is how you start where you are.  Something that could seem trivial to you may be a lifesaver to someone else.  The hardest thing is going to be patience and believing this is really possible.  Do What You Can and Get Started!

anyone can be the one making money online fast


Choices to Consider to Make Money Online

My choices or suggestions may not be yours and that is a good thing!  I want you to be making your own way.  But if you have not found the help or anything you feel has what you are looking for then maybe these ideas will help.  

My best-loved choices are the ones that are truly Passive.  You might think that all online business is passive but you would be wrong.  They should be 100% passive but if sales are involved where you are looking to sponsor or sell a product you might find that you need to have some face to face or chat time with your potential customer.

The easiest way to understand the passive nature of online marketing is the ‘set it and forget it’ way of marketing.  For somethings, like landing pages or a single page website for products, and even drop shipping it can work awesomely.  You call these mini niche sites and a lot of marketers have these as well as other sites they manage.

Amazon and Click Bank are passive marketing as is Drop Shipping.  All three can be very profitable.  Fast may not fit here but simple and easy, yes.  Making money online is not always like ‘they’ say so be sure to check out all programs that entice you.  The very basic plan of online marketing is as you see below.  If seriously is just this ⇓ simple.affiliate marketing and amazon are two ways of making money online fast

As in any business, you would have there is usually an investment.  Why in the world we think it should not be this way online leads me to the false information fed to us by so many over the years.  We were actually programmed to believe it could be done free.  And if you had the same experiences as I did, you quickly found out you had to pay for this and then that and some more of this and then that again!!!

Seriously, if you are serious about building a business and seeing success then you must be prepared to do everything it takes.  That will include a few investments.  The best part of today is there is more honest, affordable help available to us.

My choices

My #1 shout out today goes to Wealthy Affiliates!  The most honest and user-friendly program I have ever come across.  It is Free to use or you can do there one-time upgrade.  More than worth it.  I have cross checked that with others and for what you get, no, there is no one that even comes in close.  I actually thought that I had maybe found a comparison but when I checked further it was a no go!  I welcome you to have a look around.  Join for free and see Everything that you get.  No CC required!!

learn first and then making money online fast might happen

From this one learning platform, I have been able to set up my blogs and websites, learn how to be an Amazon Affiliate serving 3 countries with one link, Clickbank, and a few other Affiliate programs you can see on my site.  Drop Shipping is one of the most affluent ways to earn online without an investment. 

I have learned so much and I feel so confident in what I have managed to overcome.  No more lost $$ to programs that I didn’t fit into, were too expensive or were MLM or Direct Sales opportunities.  No, nothing wrong with either of those.  They just did not ‘fit’ me.

If you can relate to any of the above, then please do trust me and have a look.  Here is my link

I would be a pretty poor example of a passive online marketer if I did not share that with you.  After all, that is how affiliates earn.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share an experience you have had with us in the comments section.  I love hearing from readers and helping others when possible.  I also have social icons which are one click wonders and require no comments.  Just a click and go…

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