I’m Just Not Into You Anymore Multi-Level-Marketing Companies!!

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

not into multi-level-companies and teams

I’m just not that into you Any more Multi-Level Marketing Companies!

I have decided to ‘kind of’ coin this expression, yes after that fun book “He’s just not that into You”.
It is the perfect phrase to say ‘No thanks’ to any of the programs people bring up to you or ask you why you are not interested. You would be surprised at how defensive and ‘in your face’ people can get when you say, sorry, your program looks lovely but I am not into MLM anymore.

Here is often where they begin to tear down your business if you have one, and if you don’t they will use someone else’s to make their point. This actually happened and it was on one of those exchange sites where people pretend to be interested in your product or service….wait for it……IF you will look at theirs!! It’s like pretty silly when you really think about it.  Reminds me of a few things kids might say.  “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”  ( I can you hear the kid voices in that statement)

I was admittedly a little naive when I decided to give this site exchange thing a try. And in my own defense, it was just before this ‘outburst’ by the fellow member that I realized how silly it really was. Everyone was promoting their wares to each other and not one person was seriously considering joining anyone else’s program or offer.

It really became very very clear after this incident. I mean it was Brutal! I was, I thought to be very professional and upfront as that is how I like people to be with me. But instead, I got bashed over the head with a hammer. For what? For saying what I saw might be awesome for him/her, but it didn’t fit for me.  We don’t all fit into one mold, do we?

beaten and bashed for not liking multi level marketing companies anymore

So with that being said….Screw the NO!

How many times have you heard from marketing leaders to go after the ‘NO’? That the more no’s you get the closer you are getting to a Yes. Seriously???  Who are you really kidding with that?

Getting 99 NO’S so you can get one Yes doesn’t do a lot for your self-esteem. Or does it?  Am I totally on the wrong road here? If you were being paid to get that NO, then hell yea! Bring’em on!!  But when you are struggling and watching everyone else climb the ladder with successful sales and teams and making great money, do you feel on top of your game?  Of course, you do, you silly!


By now I am sure you are wondering where the heck the motivation is in all of this? Yup, me too and I am the one writing it. 

I am the writer of this post on multi-level-marketing companies

Actually, there is some motivation. It is called YOU!  Never mind what these top guns keep telling you, You have to do what works best for you. If No isn’t working then it’s time to turn that around.
Will you get instant Yeses all over the place? Nope, but you will get to feel a sense of pride in what you are doing instead of feeling like a failure.

Think & Grow Rich….See It Believe It and it will happen…..

you can't think success into being with multi-level-marketing companies

Sorry! By now you should be thinking this person, being me, is either the biggest naysayer ever or is just one big pile of negative ……(what the bulls drop on the ground.) I’m actually not. I am realistic and I do know that if we want anything to be different we have to change it! I just really wanted to make a point. In order to be successful in multi-level-marketing companies or any network marketing, you have to change the way you are doing things. And one way is to stop buying into all that stuff that may not work for you.  Plain and simple, it might not be You!

I totally 100% believe in putting up motivational quotes on my bulletin board and setting goals, writing them down and putting them within view as well. It is very important to be uplifted and as positive as possible.


motivation is needed in multi-level-marketing companies


Will the Real Multi-level-marketing companies please stand up!

Truth? You want the real truth….are you sure about that? What if ‘the truth’ doesn’t fit with your beliefs or what you have been told? Will you still be able to accept it? Okay, Let’s do this then.

It doesn’t mean you have to love Multi-Level-Marketing companies or that you are going to run out and join one.  Heck No!  The truth is, M.L.M., Multi-Level-Marketing, which are also called Relationship Marketing, Direct marketing and a few more are not going to change this outcome.

The truth is, Multi-Level-Marketing is legitimate.  It is not a scheme nor is it a scam or some pyramid thing!  Well, okay, it actually is a pyramid shape when it comes to building and marketing the pay plan. But, did you know….. hold up, wait for a second! Did you know that the Pyramid is the longest, strongest standing structure in the world?  It is and that is a true statement. Pretty solid ground to build on I would think.

a pyramid and multi level marketing companies
Now, before you go fluffing me off, I want you to think about something. Well, maybe two things. We’ll see. We’ve probably all gone on and on about this “Pyramid” thing at some point, but did you know that our Govts., our school system, and large corporations, are all built on this? Ask yourself this question.

When was the last time the janitor at your kid’s school got paid the same amount of money as the principal?  Right.  And when was the last time the manager of your local grocery store was paid less than the stock person filling the shelves?  Right again.

And just to be sure about that ‘Guy’ or ‘Gal’ on top……Someone somewhere had to come up with the idea to have a company and then the money to build it larger and have the dream to expand so it could offer more jobs in the community. Hmmm.  Are you getting my point now?

With the Internet and M/L/M.Todays Options are Huge

Now you can with the help of Network Marketing whether it is Multi-level or Affiliate Marketing it can happen. Yes, there is a wide open option just waiting for you. All you have to do is decide, make the decision that you want to make the changes in your life.


Does it help knowing you are not limited to doing just an M.L.M. home business? This must be refreshing for a lot of you. The coolest thing for me was finding a place that teaches you how to get started online the right way. Is there a wrong way, you ask? Yes, and far too many have fallen prey to the wrong. That included me.

schools out for multi-level-marketing and in for affiliates

The best news is you have choices of how you do your home business. What I found that most of the not-so-good characters do online, is making false promises or they are one of the great pretenders who paid a fortune to take a coaching course all so they can prepare you to do the same thing. Yeah, that really makes sense to me. When you break it down, it is like this story of a mailing scheme that used to be once upon a day.
All you had to do was email the information that had been sent to you to the list that came with your ‘supplies’. Now, you know the ‘list’ is pretty bogus……..I mean you really know this, when you see your own name on the damn thing! Then you read the letter you are making 100 copies of to send and guess what? It is the same letter that had been sent to you to sign up for the program. Excuse me…..can you say that again?
No, I am not making up a funny story. This really was out there and you know, we see the same sort of nonsense going on online all the time. Once it was in the form of direct mailing I believe that is what they called it.  Today it is in the line of Email processing!  It should come as no surprise to anyone that so many people are afraid to try anything!  We just keep hearing the same sad stories over and over.

Ladies, May I have your Attention Please!

Nothing is Free and Easy when it comes to building a business. Nothing. If it doesn’t take work on your part then it is missing some very important ingredients.
I am sorry for all the *crap* ( sorry 🙂 ) that is there that we have to dodge like potholes in the road in early spring!  It shouldn’t have to be this way, but it is.  Can we change it? Not likely. What we can do is find and share only that which we trust. It does not have to be M.L.M. or Direct Sales and it doesn’t have to be only an Affiliate type market place.  It just has to be honest and the affordable.
The smartest thing you could do for you is finding where you feel the most comfortable.

  • Do you like Sales?
  • Do you like a fast pace?
  • How about natural leadership skills?
  • Do you like to work with other people?
  • Intermingle with large groups or are you happier at home with just you and your furry baby or real baby?

These are all key questions that we fail to ask ourselves in that short window of excitement at the prospect of sharing these lovely products and making some extra Xmas money. It is in this short window, that trained people who are your would be leaders, will take advantage of your excitement. They know they have to get you to say Yes while the fires are hot.

Sounds a little Malicious Doesn’t it?

It really isn’t. It is just the game of sales and recruiting. I know I was there and yes, I did have some awesome experiences taking my teams to a #1 position.  I am not saying this to brag, but just to let you know I know what it takes and I get how it is done and what is needed to get it done.

Do I like doing MLM?  No, it is really not for me. The win my team and I enjoyed was more in a Direct Sales style company.  All that really means is the leadership set-up was a bit different, as was the pay structure.
I also know without a shadow of a doubt that MLM (multi-level-marketing) is not a pyramid scheme or scam. If you would like to get a clearer understanding of this here are two excellent books that will give you some much-needed insight.  “The Flip Flop CEO” and their new one is there as well.  Light and fun.

And, they will even help you if you are at a loss for words when struggling to get others to understand where you are coming from. Bonus when lost for words! There is absolutely nothing wrong with M.L.M. if that is what you love doing!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with M.L.M. if that is what you love doing! Just be sure you are also Branding You!  You never know if the company will go broke or be sold or anything else so you need to brand you and what You Can Offer.  Be the Expert and stand out from how the thousands of others are doing it.

Is There Another Way?

I mentioned it a bit earlier, it is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is in truth You representing You while sharing products or services provided by a company.
Affiliate programs are set up differently than multi-level-marketing in that you work for yourself, by yourself. You can share products for company’s as large as Amazon or Walmart or as small as a Mom & Pop training school that teaches you how to drive.

This is how you monetize a Blog or Earn money online. Very simple, very free. A perfect example is one of my Affiliate Sites. I am an Affiliate of Stella & Dot.

As their affiliate, I do not purchase one of their awesome kits full of wonderful jewelry and accessories items. Nor do I do home shows or build a team. What I do is share the beautiful pieces and the opportunity to people like you.  If you should follow my link, and make a purchase or join them, I would make a small commission.  Simple.

Why this way? Because I love love love their jewelry and the most awesome hand bags and accessories. But More importantly, I must now work from home, with my computer and my fur baby at my feet due to an unforeseen rare medical problem. I also love that they offer this choice for us, and all because I can!!  And yes, you can sponsor other people into most affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate University is where I learned to set up a website, learned about SEO, Keywords, Plugins, Google and WordPress etc. Most important is this platform is one of the best for anyone who wants to have a home business and use the internet!  M.L.M. or Affiliate or Direct Sales.  You all qualify.

They offer an affiliate program if we choose to share with others. Kind of like what I am doing right now.

With the way we live our lives today The Internet and other high technology have spoiled
us so that we can’t wait for anything anymore. We want it all, and we want it now… We want it fast, quick, and easy. Can we have it all??  Not really.  At least not all at once or as fast as the so called ‘Gurus’ in the funny hats tell us.

There is a lot to learn, I won’t lie, but it can be done. Actually, it is being done. One of our members at Wealthy Affiliate is now bringing in over 70K a year from his websites and another friend I met is heading into the same bracket very soon.  It is possible.  Just not in a few weeks!


red flag warnings for some multi-level marketing companies

Eyes Open:

A.  Any program that entices you by calling themselves an affiliate marketing program but asks you for a fee upfront to be a consultant or to join them.
B. Another is any platform that promises to teach you everything you need with a promise you will be making tens of thousands of dollars in a few weeks or months.
C. Any program that offers you a free trial but is not able to tell you upfront how much the program will cost after the trial period ends. This is a huge red flag that means you probably need a large bank account if they can’t tell you before you join.
D. They are an affiliate base but the trial period is short and you have to give you CC. information when U sign up for the free trial. Again, this could all be okay but it’s not showing you trust up front.


All affiliate marketing programs are free but some will offer you choices. You can be an affiliate at no cost what so ever, for ever and ever, or if the program allows for advancement which offers you more, then it is acceptable to see a dollar figure involved. It is important to note it is an Option.  Any program that is trust worthy is going to be upfront in the beginning, Not after you have joined them with any costs that could arise later.

So, Ladies……and any Gents visiting today….do you have questions or concerns? Maybe some ideas of your own? Do you have your own product but don’t know how to set things up?
Are you looking for trusted honest advice as to how you can get set up? Sure you are. We all want something more, we just don’t know how to go about finding it or even who we can trust.

Am I close?  Are you ready to have a look and see how easy this really can be to get started? NO, I didn’t say it would be easy peasy all the way…I said easy to get started and easy to implement. Yeah, the training really is that good. It happens right here, right now.  Are you in?  I am!!

Don’t forget to find me so I can welcome you and help you and introduce you to the rest of the community. They are pretty awesome real folks just like you. My handle is MsMerry. I look forward to seeing you on the inside of your new exciting future.

Okay, here’s what happens next. I am turning the keyboard over to you……I know how fun is that going to be! You can leave a comment below, ask questions or even just do the click and like or share thing on my social sites. That would be awesome!! It is a way of knowing I may have helped someone understand things a bit better today.

Thanks for being here, now go have an awesomely fun kind of day or evening. Come back soon……..

Merry C.

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