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Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

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Senior Advisors & Influencers

Senior Advisors & Influencers.  What do you think of when you read these words?  Are you thinking corporate job?  I think I would too.  But in this case, the Elder Advisors & Influencers I am referring to could be you, your parents or any other family member that isn’t fresh out of college.  And before you say you they have nothing to contribute or this is Only a ‘young persons’ market please read on.

In today’s post, I want to share what Senior Advisors & Influencers have to offer to you and many others. You may be a boomer, Millenial, ( your turn is coming too) Generation X or even perhaps one of the silent generation, but that does not mean you are just too darned old to make a difference or to influence others.

Age is a number when it comes to senior advisors and influencers

 Discover what YOU have to offer.

In today’s society and so many people using the Internet to shop, look for advice, or create a better future for themselves and their family why wouldn’t you consider being one of the Senior Advisors & Influencers we need.  Think about it.  Working from home can mean:

  • your own hours
  • helping others gives you confidence
  • A sense of self-worth and importance in your life again
  • financial freedom

Life can be short and you deserve to have all your dreams happen. This could be the best way for you to see a brighter future if you are seeing yourself in an unfavorable retirement now or in the future.  You might even have health issues that prevent you from working in the normal job but you can work from home.

And if you think you Can’t you probably won’t but if you know anything is possible if you try, then hell Ya you have the same opportunity as a millennial does.

don't let the millenials fool you into thinking senior advisors & influencers are not needed


Senior Advisors & Influencers ARE Wanted/Needed.

Hold that thought for just a minute!  It is NOT too late to learn.  It is never too late to learn.  You might think you are hopeless when it comes to the computer and totally lost but maybe not.    Lord help me……….”You want me to build a website and do what?????”  What’s A post?  A Plugin?  Slow it down, Rest easy………it is only as difficult as you think it will be.  That is not just cotton candy kind of fluff talking.  I only share the real stuff!

yes, we need senior advisors and influencers today


What if I told you I have recently met one person who is now 79, another at 64, 54, and 58 and they are doing this?  Would you still think it is not doable?  Good, because no one likes to be wrong! 

It is so much easier when you have the proper tools, learning skills, and help. I came across this training platform that, honestly, I did not think could ever exist on the Internet.  Having made several attempts and losing money I really couldn’t afford to lose, I was beginning to feel like my words above were nothing but hot air!

Thank goodness I made a decision to do one last search and see if I could find what I needed.

And yes, I did!  Of course, I did or I wouldn’t be able to share with you today.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that honesty still prevails on the Internet and you can find the real truth as you learn and earn. What a victorious moment.  See more here that may influence your decisions.

Very Very Important

learn from the best and become the best senior advisors & influencers

Now it is all good that you are excited and looking to get ahead of the tent pitching process in the park BUT you still have to be cautious. This is how so many get fooled, and yes, I was one of them.  Please, Please know there are no ‘get rich’ programs that make anyone other than the founder rich.

 No ‘business in a box’ methods that do not cost a fortune never mind actually work like they claim.  AND, if you are asked to leave a deposit to register for a program and see if you have been accepted, that is another red flag.

I don’t care what you read, or who tells you they are making 5 figures in just a few weeks or taking surveys got them out of the rat race.  It is not going to happen!  Not then and certainly not now!  You may not want to take the time you need to learn HOW, but you should.  No, you really need to or you just won’t make it.  That is the only way to get this done the right way for the least amount of money spent.                                                       ⇓Only the best is here!⇓

learn how to become senior advisors and influencers

Hook up with a trusted individual and test the site they are suggesting. If you cannot test it for free without a CC in hand then you might want to re-consider your choice.

What to Look For and What to Do Now

test the waters on your journey into becoming senior advisors & influencers

  • contact information is available ( full disclosure)
  • a photo of the person you are considering hooking up with
  • free trial ( no cc required)
  • Everything is clearly laid out and easy to understand
  • no fancy ‘hoops’ to jump thru’ so you can feel important
  • fits into your $$ budget
  • you are able to test the waters before committing.

Sometimes we find ourselves frustrated or in a position where we panic and that causes us to act too quickly.  The only time you want to do that is when you know that you know you are where you need to be.

Any training or learning when it comes to how to get started should not be complicated. It might seem a tad bit overwhelming at first, but that is normal.  Anything you are trying for the first time can do that.  I am going to suggest you do something right now.  Yes, I am, and it is because I believe 100% there is nothing better for you in the online world of marketing.

  1. Go to this link right here
  2. Join us for a free membership and get the real feel
  3. Check out the community and ask questions
  4. Start your training asap ( very important)
  5. Fill out your profile, add a photo and connect with me

Our Community

This community has many members that are extremely knowledgeable about what we do and how best to do it. All you have to do is ask a question and you will receive several answers and usually very quickly.  One awesome plus to the community at WA is there are no ulterior motives as you see in others. (Strict rules are in place to prevent anyone from advertising their personal programs!)

Crap and H–E- double hockey sticks!  I got excited!!  What the heck am I blabbering on about?  It is theWealthy Affiliate University. Have you heard of it?  It is pretty much on the first page of google all the time and that says a lot.

Free trial to become a Senior Advisor & infuluencer


One of the biggest mistakes I see is people chasing the dream First and not the knowledge that teaches you HOW to reach that Dream. That is part of my goal, my passion, and why I want to do this. It is important to me to get this message out there.

Abraham Lincoln Shared this:

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”   Not age, not schooling, not your understanding of the English language!

I hope you enjoyed reading today and that you found the information to be helpful if not for yourself, then someone close to you.  If you did, would you consider like my post or sharing?  It is one click easy and you get to join the ‘awesomer’ club!  OR, the longer version, where comments are always grateful.  Just below ⇓ ….and now the keyboard is in your hands.

Have an awesome day!  




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