Stay at Home Jobs Instead of Having Your Own Business

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

stay at home jobsSo Many Options For Finding that Perfect Choice

Stay at home jobs are often confused with what is really having your own home business.  I would like to review a few of the more obvious choices.  Some of these are off-line ideas while the latter will be online choices only.  Those stay at home jobs, especially some you find online are not worth your time.  And we all know that time can be of the essence.

Just before we start looking at those, let me say that when finances are an issue or there is stress around your finances we don’t always make the best decisions.  And boy oh boy do I know that one.  I trusted all those fancy sites that draw you in like a magnet hoping one day to have the same.  Right!  So wrong!

Having this happen more than once I have to admit, I was determined to find what could work and something I would be happy doing and sharing so others could find stay at home jobs much easier.  And of course, if you are choosing to do online marketing then some learning will be necessary if you are really green to this.

Ideas for Stay At Home Jobs

stay at home jobs

  • Renting out spare bedrooms for students or seniors or travelers
  • Start a Rent a Grandma or Grandpa home business service if you are older
  • Your own Maid Service/House Cleaning
  • Home Services such as Laundry & Ironing
  • Become a Rep for an MLM like Stella & Dot, Skin Care, Candles etc.
  • Gardening Service for working people so there time off can be spent doing other things

We could look at much more but I think you can get a general idea and can brainstorm from here on ways to earn from the stay at home jobs.  Some of these require a few extras, especially the Maid/cleaning service and gardening but you could always ask to use what the potential customer has already.  None of this has to cost you an arm and a leg and you won’t have to sell your Mom’s kidney either.

Let’s Look at Some of those Online Ideas

Here is where things can get confusing.  Not because you don’t have the smarts either.  This is because some individuals share things that would take you months for you to earn any money.  Not that this is wrong of course not and I will mention a couple so you get a clear picture.

I am going to shortlist this with some ‘not-so-good’ and then what I think is your best bet to earn substantial amounts.  And NO, not without some work!    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it does not happen that way.  Don’t buy into anything that says fast, and easy or overnight success!

What I will be shortlisting are only those that are legitimate ways to earn.  Let’s start with the ‘slow’ money makers:

  • taking surveys (at a .05 cents per survey how long and how many would you have to take?)
  • start a Blog  ( content is king and posting several times a week is imperative as are visitors)
  • Sell items on eBay, Amazon or Click bank ( your own or purchased items you have in stock)
  • Affiliate Sales ( perfect way to start out as you do not pay to be affiliated with any company.
  • Drop shipping (also a perfect way to have a home business as you do not stock product )

I am going to briefly talk about each one and the pros and cons and then some of my best choices I have found later.

  1.  Taking surveys I think really speaks for itself unless of course, you can find survey sites that pay higher.  Not likely you will find those.  Another way they have you earn is to recruit others.  What I can say for this type of home business idea is if you have no clue how to do any of the others this could be a good training ground.
  2. Start A Blog.  Love this because I love to write and share things.  No, I am probably not nearly as good as some, but it is the ‘funnest’ way to try and make some money but also one of the slowest.  No, I did not know that when I first set out to be a blogger.  What you can do is start out sharing great tips on something you love and have some knowledge of.  Once you have readers and visitors to your site, who will like and share and leave comments, then you can apply to certain online company’s that will pay you to advertise for them or get free products to talk about and review.
  3. Selling on eBay, Amazon or Clickbank is not as easy as many make it out to be.  There are restrictions and rules you must abide by.  You must have product on hand or a supplier standing by for your orders.  Each also requires you to pay a portion of your sales using the site and from my understanding, it can cut into your profits quite a bit.  Now, if you are seasoned and know what and how to do this, you probably won’t notice too much as your sales will be high and the costs vs income could balance that part out.
  4. Now for my #1 as far as learning HOW to set things up as well as being an affiliate of WAU (Wealthy Affiliate University)  I am sure you have seen this platform if you have done any searches for affiliate sales.  As an affiliate, you will become affiliated with a company and recommend their product (s) to others via a blog, website, social media or all three.  There are no costs to become an affiliate.  Costs you May Incur would or could be learning how, a domain name and hosting.  I am going to expand on this more below.
  5. Oh, I love Drop shipping!  You do not carry any products nor do you ship any products.  You do not purchase any product upfront.  There are fees but they are not high and if you think about it if you had a storefront in the mall how much would that cost? Fees are very affordable and I will cover that also below.

Affiliate Marketing 

What I want to cover upfront is any costs that will be incurred and the best places I have found for you to get started should you choose to go forward.  With so many platforms promising so much, high price tags and under delivering I was ecstatic to find first how to set up and do Affiliate Marketing.

I had searched for years off and on finding myself out of money and feeling like an idiot for even trying.  Even when a friend suggested a site that was what I needed, I was disappointed.  I am a very upfront kind of person.  Maybe it is a Canadian thing’ but being honest is important to me.  It is unethical in my book to lure or lead a person into a program you know is going to cost a lot of money for a monthly membership.  I am talking upwards of $150.00.  I just couldn’t do this.  You know, perhaps if it had been a training site for more of how to become a marketer rather than how to recruit into the program it would have been easier to share.  It didn’t happen that way.

So, just as I was going to give up I did one last search and I found the best training online, bar none!  When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I was not only impressed with the training but was pleasantly surprised at how honest the plan is laid out AND there are no hard sells. It’s free to join, and it’s entirely up to you if you want to go further in the system by joining the premium membership.

I will share a link below if you think this could be of benefit to you.  It was the best thing I ever did online and has lead me to find other sources of income as well.  Here is a bit of what you can expect when you join for free:

Affiliate certification courses and boot camp training
Live video classes, video walkthroughs, and tutorials
Community support 24/7
Earn while you learn!
A ready-made affiliate marketing program
Build and host up to 50 websites with ease
Comprehensive keyword analysis and research tools
Website feedback, commenting and analysis tools
Instant 24/7/365 website support

As a FREE member, you get full access to the first course – comprising of 10 lessons in all! At the end, you’ll have a brand new niche researched website all ready to earn an income at $0 cost!  No CC is required to join and take it for a test ride.

knowledge is priceless for any stay at home jobs

Drop Shipping

If not for finding my way to Affiliate Marketing and the WAU (Wealthy Affiliate University) platform I would not be aware or even knowledgeable about drop shipping.  Several members of WAU are doing drop shipping.  They are doing it within the wealthy affiliate system using WordPress as their platform.

Two of the most important aspects of drop shipping are finding certified and reliable suppliers as well as the best woo commerce for your business.  I have shared in prior posts about the challenge I gave SO, I decided to test it.  I had 14 days to use the system free and that is what I did.  I managed to build my store and add products all before my 14 days were up.  Was it really easy?  No, it was a bit confusing but having a bit of knowledge helped.  The challenge was to build the storefront, get my products, and do it all before I was asked to pay.

This was all possible thru Oberlo and Shopify and Alliexpress.  I had found certified safe suppliers, help to get the products to my store and more.  It was an awesome feeling knowing this was and is indeed possible for anyone.  Because this was a test to see if I could actually do this I went on to research a bit further.  Oberlo is free to use but you must be using a Shopify storefront which does have a small monthly fee.  Certainly worth it if that is your choice.

My fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate were using different platforms which triggered me to check out another way to go about this.  I already knew how to use WordPress and I knew that WordPress was/is one of the best platforms to integrate Woo-commerce.

So, research is done and what I find is very positive.  It is called Alidropship which I will call the sister to Alliexpress as they are almost one in the same.  Alidropship offers so much and for so much less than others I saw.  Can you imagine one time Ever payment for the plugin you need to run your business, one payment per year to get your hosting and more set up and your domain name all for under $150.00!!  Yup, not kidding.  You can also have it all done for you for a one time cost of just under $200.00.  Support and upgrades are NOT a onetime thing. This is a Game changer!!

If you would like to have a look at Drop shipping and what and how you can get started your free guide below will make it that much easier.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping


The time has come to turn the keyboard over to you.  Ask a question or if you have tried either drop shipping or affiliate marketing let us know your thoughts.

Merry C.

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