How they became Successful Marketers

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.



Successful Marketers are Not born, they are taught!  In this kind of game, the game of internet marketing, to be successful you need to have knowledge.  You also need the right person or persons you can trust.  Do you have those in place?

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When you think about all the platforms you see every day on the web offering similar platforms to help you become a successful marketer the decisions can be difficult. They are twice as difficult if you are completely new to online marketing. I get that because I did my own searching for a long time, made a ton of mistakes and didn’t even come remotely close to where I needed to be.

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I want to share with you today and perhaps help you NOT make the same mistakes and lose a ton of money you don’t have along the way. Can you relate to any of this so far? Some of what I call mistakes were just poor choices and jumping into things too fast. I have since learned you sometimes have to Slow Down to Go Fast!

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Why Choose Me as Your Guide to become Successful Marketers


So that I don’t bore you with a short story here, I will keep the Why Me as short as possible. Besides, it is more about YOU right now, and what you should and shouldn’t do. The Why Me is more about do as I suggest not as I did……..It is what successful marketers do.

⦁ MLM & Direct Sales cost me more than I was able to continue making. With this sort of platform, if you are not good at recruiting or do not have an army of friends to help you get off the ground running, it is a direct hit to your credit card.  I Kept up the hustle, doing it the wrong way because I didn’t know better.   I knew I had to take a different path or stop the insanity altogether.

Marketing on Facebook and losing your BFF’S!  This one is huge. There is a way to market the right way on facebook and that one I can really help with. You can actually connect directly to facebook with a professional touch that most are not doing. The mistake I made was following what my uplines were doing!  Has Anyone else done this?

⦁ Using your company website as your only site to attract people to your products. If you are in MLM or Direct Sales your products are your Niche. We hear that word used a lot but most don’t know what a niche really is.  In that case, you need MORE than your company site.

⦁ And Then there is YOU. Who should you be promoting? You or-or the Company you represent?  Good question.  Do you know the answer and better yet, do you know why?  This is high on the list of successful marketers everywhere.

So that is my Why Me for You in short form. I wanted to share with you  so you know I am real and I have been where you are or have been.  I am not a copywriter so I don’t have all the fancy words to draw you in.  What I do have is the utmost desire to share the truth.  If you are tired of the grind and damn tired of not making the money they ‘told’ you that you would make, then keep reading.



Wealthy Affiliate is the most down to earth training platform, portal, university or school. Whatever you prefer to call it. I am going to choose University as that is the official title. Have a look:

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I came across wealthy affiliate in a google search as my ‘ last straw’! I had been paying upwards of $150.00 a month trying to learn and what it came down to was two things.

1.   Affordability. ( I could not justify doing this and getting nothing in return)

2.   The Truth!  I felt like I was telling one big lie just to get people to sign up with me.

When you are faced with those kinds of situations you know it is decision time. I knew I wanted to learn how to do this marketing stuff so bad I could taste it. Where was I going to learn and I afford it? Where could I try for free for 7 or 30 days?  Felt like a needle in a haystack!

Like I said I found Wealthy Affiliate in a google search and I knew I was in the right place within days. I wanted to give me a slap upside the head 🙂 for not seeing it sooner. There is they say a reason for everything.  Mine was finally finding my ‘home away from home’ where I felt so comfortable.

The learning experience is so well thought out and each segment is easy to follow and implement. You don’t even have to leave the site for anything with the exception of a domain name and that is by choice. You can accomplish things so much faster when everything is under one umbrella. No jumping from site to site to figure things out. I WAS IMPRESSED!



Anyone who is doing any kind of marketing online. You could have your own business with your own products or you could be a REP or Consultant for a company.  bYou could be doing a party plan or you could be a wannabe blogger having fun, or a blogger looking to monetize your site and earn an income.

This is called Affiliate Marketing.  No cost to You!  No products to purchase!  Passive all the way!
We have members who are as young as 19 and others that are in their 70’s! This should speak volumes to you.  You don’t even have to share Wealthy Affiliate with others unless you choose to. I chose to share because I am tired of all the selfish marketers who claim to have started from 0 and living in their cars to the relentless scammers who have no conscience!
The more people that know of this opportunity the better. If we can save one more person from thinking that marketing of any kind is nothing short of a scam or only for those that money the better!

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Is it time to take a perhaps smarter path that will work better for you?
⦁ You will learn how to set up a website free or a blog or both.
⦁ Learn how to use a plug-in.
⦁ How about learning what a widget is
⦁ begin your first page of content?
⦁ Using keywords and understanding the importance so you can get ranked in Google.
⦁ Monetizing your site and where to go to find the partners that are a good match to your niche.
⦁ What is a niche?
⦁ How to make a video, set up your facebook and twitter.


FREE! Did I mention FREE? 🙂 Yes, FREE for as long as you need it to be. There is an upgrade available but only if and when you are ready….then the costs are under $50.00!  I am Dead Serious!  And yes, I could make a small commission if you did join me using my link. That is affiliate marketing and you could do the exact same thing.



If you have any pressing questions then please leave it in the comments section or ……Go Here and sign up for free and take a look around. You have nothing to lose and a whole world of opportunity and friendships to be made.  I have met some very successful marketers here and I learn from them consistently.

Final Thought!

There you have it. Straight up honesty and the same transparency you will find at Wealthy Affiliate. See you on the Inside?  Pick one model online, and keep at it.  At least until you have some form of positive income!  That is how successful marketers win in this game of marketing.

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