Top Rated Affiliate Programs in 2018 result in a Win-Win!

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Top rated affiliate programs


Top Rated Affiliate Programs in 2018

You may be asking what is an affiliate program, or you may have been thinking about this as a way to earn extra cash from home. When you first start out in any Affiliate Sales, you will not make money right out of the gate so it is best to keep your ‘day job’ for now.

Also, you need to stay away from those programs that are offering you a business in a box or one click and you are done sort of things. The truth is, and no one really wants to hear this, but you will have to put some effort in to be successful.

Will you actually be successful? That is up to you but I have acquaintances making a full time living as affiliate marketers. And Yes, I get that it is hard to know who is telling the truth. Been there, done that, lost 1/2 my shirt!! So I can relate and even emphasize with you.

Before we Begin with the top rated affiliate programs, we need the definition of what an affiliate is and how it works.
According to the Book of Wikipedia:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that purchases thru their affiliate link.
A simpler explanation may be that this is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals (you) as”affiliates” who market the company’s products for a commission. Your goal in affiliate marketing is to earn commissions for recommending services or products on your website/blog.

You would be best to join more than just one Affiliate program.

You should never be asked to pay a fee to be an affiliate for any company. Some company’s that you can affiliate with like Walmart or Amazon never ask you for money.

If you have a content website (Blog) and you have a passion for something you want to share with others then affiliate marketing could be for you.

Top Rated Affiliate Programs in Random Order

#1. Amazon

Amazon is highly popular with many marketers and they have several options for you. You can be an affiliate or a seller. We will only talk about the affiliate part today.
Why Amazon? Amazon is almost like a household name. I mean, seriously, who hasn’t heard of Amazon? You can pretty much get anything there today. If you are not sure about a product, Amazon has a lot of help for you in choosing what is trending or the best sellers.

Downside if there is one, is you must make a sale in your first 90-180 days or get the ‘boot’. You can re-apply, so no problem other than a bruised ego maybe. This may sound like plenty of time, and actually, it is, Unless you are brand new and do not have a lot of traffic ( visitors ) to your website.

Tip: Have at least 10 blog posts on your site and pics that are related before you apply to be an affiliate. They will look at your site.

Amazon also recently implemented the one link. This basically means you can sell products in the US. Canada and the UK. and all you need is one link. This is set up on Amazon and if you are in either Canada or the UK you will need to open a US account first and then add your UK and Canadian links.
And that makes Amazon one of the Top rated affiliate programs online.

#2 ShareASale

An affiliate marketing network or that services two customer sets in affiliate marketing. You, the affiliate, and the merchant you want to be affiliated with. Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products.

They have a wide selection of some of the best company’s offering affiliate programs to earn commissions with. Company’s you might not think would offer an affiliate program. When I found Stella & Dot was offering an affiliate program separate from there offline party plan I was surprised.

ShareASale handles this for Stella & Dot.

Once you are a member of ShareASale you will be able to apply to all the company’s they have listed in the back office. Makes it so convenient to have everything in one place. Shareasale is one of the most trustworthy ✓ and reliable resources for affiliate marketers like you and me. And that is why it is considered to be one of the top rated affiliate programs.

#3 Clickbank

If you wanted to Sell software online this is the network that boasts some of the highest commissions in an Affiliate Network. 75%!

Clickbank is an internet retailer of top quality lifestyle digital based products. One of the more popular platforms for buying and selling information products. If your website or Blog is geared to new people, beginners to affiliate marketing or marketing of any nature, they would be looking for ‘how to help’. Digital makes sense as it is right now, done and on your potential customer’s computer.

Clickbank is the perfect platform for anyone who considers themselves digital geeks. It can be a little confusing at first, but most platforms offering you a lot of information to help you can be. Take it nice and slow, and you will do great.

#4 Wealthy Affiliate University

top rated affiliate programs are here

Not all affiliate marketing involves a physical product or digital products you download to your computer. No, there are platforms that offer to teach you everything you need to know to set up a home business. This is a service as there are no physical products involved.

Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the highest commissions I have seen for their affiliates and in the industry. In my personal opinion after looking at several, Wealthy Affiliate offers the most comprehensive training courses for both beginners and advanced.

Other platforms I looked at seemed overly complicated with nothing being on the same page so-to-speak. Some were just too expensive for the average person while others taught you only enough to make it look good for the amount of money they charged. In fact, you were/are encouraged to recruit others into the program and that was how you made an income from home.

Don’t be fooled! When you are thinking of having a home business in 2018, here is your #1 to research first. When you see people, just like you and I coming back after a year or OR staying for 3 years, doesn’t that tell you something? Actions do speak louder than words.

One last thing is this top rated affiliate program did not get that title for doing or offering nothing. Wealthy Affiliate University has withstood the test of time and is still thriving. This is huge! Do you know how many people start up a business online only to be gone within 6 months to a year?

If this was as easy as some would have you believe, wouldn’t we all be doing this? Wouldn’t we all be rich and in vacation mode hanging out with family? It is not easy, but if you have the right instruction and support it is not that hard either.

#5 WordPress

wordpress loves top rated affiliate programs

I have loved WordPress Since the Day I learned how to use it!!♥

WordPress is not difficult to use if you have the correct information and someone teaching you step by step. You would be amazed at just how fast this part can come together.
A WordPress back office is where you can customize your site and set up your blog. Choose your theme free or paid ( always an option) Set up your widgets and add plugins to make life easier.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what those are. They only sound complicated but believe me, after a couple of times of implementing them you will be very comfortable.

One of the most outstanding things about WordPress, and why it is also considered one of the top-rated platforms to use, is because it is free! You will have to acquire your own domain name which is kind of like your street address if you had a brick and mortar business.

A WordPress site can be used as a blogging platform as well as an eCommerce storefront. There are several ways this can happen. If you want to use WordPress as an e-commerce store for drop shipping, then I strongly encourage you to visit Alidropship. One of the very best and top-rated platforms for dropshipping. Also known as Alliexpress, they have one the largest lists of certified suppliers you can trust.  And you need to trust your suppliers for success with drop shipping.

Personally, I liked what I saw with Alidropship and I also like the fact that there are options for you and a cost that is a one time only for life deal.  It is one plugin you will be happy you have.

WordPress’s favorite to date has been WooCommerce. WooCommerce is another WordPress plugin which will convert a WordPress site into an online storefront using the WooCommerce system. With thousands of themes just waiting for you, the fun is just beginning if you know what you are doing!!

Ultimately, it’s all about understanding what your audience really wants and what kind of advice or information you can give them. The one thing I have always liked about Amazon is the reviews that are available. Don’t you find this helps in your decisions as to purchase or not?  If you can offer this kind of truth in purchasing decisions for your potential customers then you are way ahead of the rest.

Bottom line……..that is what affiliate marketing is all about. You helping your potential customer find what is best suited to their needs.  Now, this can be with a product or with a service they are looking for.  The Key is they are looking for what you have to offer them.  

Affiliate Marketing is more than just selling ‘stuff’ to people. It really comes down to you caring about your visitors and the products you recommend. Just another reason that it is suggested you should have a passion for your products or at least love using them yourself.  It is easier to share something you are passionate about. Remember how you shared about that awesome new restaurant down the street?  You were pretty excited to share that, right?  Same thing.  Just not complicated unless we make it that way.

And that is what makes this such an awesome experience every day for me as an affiliate marketer.  I get to share what I have found that is the truth and is 100% legitimate with you.


Wishing you the best of the best of choices in 2018!  We would love to hear from you so the keyboard is all yours from this point on.  Your thoughts, ideas, something that has worked for you?  Please share!


top rated affiliate programs are here

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