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Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

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$50,000.00 A Year Without Working?  Are You Kidding Me?

There are many ways to make money online, but without working at it?  NOPE!  You are in the wrong place if you still believe those people trying to fill your pretty little mind with this nonsense!!  When you see headlines like this and a couple more I will share, proceed with caution.  Is it a complete untruth?  No.  It can be done and is being done.  BUT…you will need time and some money on your side.

So, this question still Apply’s…ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Below is one of those headlines I recently saw and clicked thru on and boy talk about being thrown off course! It, of course, was of interest as this is what I like to write about and share with others. Sure these COULD work IF you have already saved and worked and have access to a lot of funds! But what about those who don’t? How do they make 50K a year without working?  Are their other ways to make money online?

Way’s To Make $50,000.00 A Year without working with Passive Income.

Here are just a few of those ideas for earning $50k per year without working.

# 1  Own 10 Rental Properties that Net You $420 Per Month Each

Here I saw a referral to crowdfunding and with this and any real estate investment comes a degree of how you will consider your risk tolerance) $5,000.00 can be a lot of money to some and if you are one of these or feel this is just too risky for your taste buds please read on.

# 2 The other headline was to:

Accrue $1,250,000 Worth of Dividend Stocks with a 4% Yield

A little harder to achieve than the rental property scenario perhaps but both will still require some investments of cash. There are Brokerage Firms and Banks that you can join for free but your investment is still necessary. Do you have what you need? Have you have saved so you can invest wisely? TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Ally invest are three mentioned.  All legitimate and safe for your investments.

Blogging ( my favorite) Ways to Make Money Online

# 3 Blogging was and is the most real from a personal point of view! This one you can start and work hard without the investment of large sums of money! In actual fact, your biggest investment will be your time and if you choose to learn the skills to help you see success sooner this is can be a minor investment if you are in the right hands.

My choice of platforms for learning these skills is Wealthy Affiliate University.   For many reasons and not just the small costs incurred if any.  And trust me, you do or should have some knowledge for success to be yours in a reasonable time frame.

So what are we really talking about here? Yes, of course, these 3 ideas can be done but the point I am making is they are just a little bit deceiving to the average person or the more mature individual who may not have 30 years to accrue all this wealth.

FrontLoading your Life is all about working hard, really hard right now so you don’t have to later. Well, being as my love for helping the mature individual out so they might find themselves in a better position than they are in right now or when ‘retirement’ hits we are going to look at BACKLOADING YOUR LIFE instead.

If You Are Game Let’s Backload Your Life

ways to make money online


I guess we need to give this a definition of sorts. If Frontloading is preparing for your future when you are young, late 20’s early 30’s perhaps with more than just time to invest, getting those investments in place for the long term etc. then Backloading is starting at a much later age in life…and we are going for mid 50’s to over 60! Those are the boomers who didn’t always have the means to invest in the future or know how for that matter.  Without the possible 20 or 30 years, for your investments or business to grow, we need to look at ways to make money online.

It really does not matter how or why. The biggest and best thing about Backloading your life is YOU STILL CAN! I am NOT ever amazed and inspired by the number of individuals who are Backloading their lives today and some have been hit hard with health issues that have crippled their earning potential in the real world of work to zero.

Can you imagine having your life uprooted in the ‘prime of your life’ so that you can no longer provide for yourself or your family?  Can you imagine being confined to your home? If you can put yourself in their shoes for even a moment in time I am sure you would have the same amount of respect and admiration that I have for those that do.

Point Is

They didn’t give up and they didn’t give in! They just keep on keeping on and it is people like this that give me the courage to do the same. The courage to keep looking for ways to make money online.  We live in a very judgemental world, and that is sad but true. Being able to work from home, starting a business Blog or Storefront as an affiliate or Drop shipper and seeing success……….without seeing anyone pointing fingers or whispering. If this is what could be a new you, then WOW! How excited would you be to get started?

There is no discrimination when you work from home on the massive highway we know as the Internet. It is an amazing way to secure your future frontloading or backloading your life and find ways to earn make money online! The only real challenge I can see is finding the right people or platform to get started from that are real and sincere and there for you.
Here is a comment that was recently shared with me from my back office in Wealthy Affiliate about 11 hours ago. I want to share with you how just ONE of the many members shared with me in a message.

“I wanted to meet you and thank you for your contribution to Course 1 Lesson 9. I have now attached Jaaxy and am really excited to keep pushing forward and start developing content for my first ever website!
I have been astounded by all the support from not only Kyle but all the established WA members who are constantly willing and offering help. I read your thoughts on that in your bio also.
Thank you, Merry, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’ll see you around the WA community – I’m not going anywhere!”
~ Bob

learning ways make money online

You can see a little more here that might help you with any decisions you have.

What and Where Do You Go

Learning How will be your biggest hurdle. Ask anyone who has been trying to do this for any length of time and their story is certainly going to be similar. I would be willing to bet on that! This gets me so excited and I sound like a bit of a pushy salesperson but in reality, I am not. I am sincerely sharing what can and will work for your future on the Internet if that is what you are looking for.
If you are familiar with terms below then you are a bit ahead of the game already and that my friends is a good thing!  But you probably still need more direction.

  • Plugins
  • SEO
  • Keywords
  • WordPress
  • Niche ( what is a niche)

When you first start-up with your dream of an online business storefront or Blog you need to have the ‘how’ in place and the where you will learn to put it together. Seriously, this is not something you can do alone. Not in the beginning anyway.

What I mean by ‘alone’ are you having others to help you. You still do your own thing your own startup. There are no teams to build or team meetings in this type of home business. I bring reference to that because too many still think there are only one or two ways to run a home business. I am talking about the two all-time favs of many. MLM or Direct Sales.

And on other platforms where you ‘thought’ you would be learning everything and then…you found out differently. Sure you were going to learn. But what you were going to learn was directed more at recruiting more unsuspecting newbie marketers to your program. That actually is the only way you would be paid for these types of platforms.

Yes, I was there and when I realized what was really going on, I knew that I could not in all good consciousness ‘trick’ anyone into what was a very expensive system. Does this type of thing work? It appears so, but you have to be a pretty in-your-face, aggressive marketer to make top money.


The day you realize these types of platforms are just not that into You…that it is more about them and the first and last dollar than you…the sooner you will know when the right place to learn shows up.
If you type ‘best training’ or ‘top 5 best training sites’ or any similar words you are sure to see this site every time. Wealthy Affiliate University or Wealthy Affiliate.Consistently in the top 10 on Google and in case you don’t know, this is a huge huge accomplishment.


I am so looking forward to hearing from my readers on this.  It may NOT be you that needs to Backload their life but maybe you know someone who is stressed about their future and needs an honest way to make the extra $$.  Worrying about what will happen to you if you don’t have enough when you reach the ‘so-called retirement’ ages or even later if you live into your 80’s or 90’s or more.  We are seeing this and stress can cause a lot of health issues or make them worse.

If you have a loved one who is going to need the extra income please feel free to share this information or reach out to me and I will be happy to help in any way I can or at least ensure you all will be safe and upfront.

Leave a message, with your thoughts on this or your questions if you have any.  I also have links to social media if you prefer to do the like and share thing.  Just a click and you are done.

Have an awesomely awesome Day!  




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