What is Brand Marketing and First Impressions Relationships?

Merry Conner

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you could use a logo to say what is brand mrketing

            What Is Brand Marketing Reflecting?

If you look at each of the photos above each one could easily be used as a logo or identifying photo on your website.  To make this more identifiable you should have it in the same place on each page or post.  Usually, it is small unless you are using it in your header on the home page which would clearly be being used as your logo.

I chose something very simple, easy to remember and black and white for the most part.  Another spot to place any identifying picture is right beside your signature too.  The key is going to be consistency!  You want your readers to identify your logo or picture being used to you.  This is your trademark.

For this reason, I suggest you spend some quality time on making your logo or having it done for you.  As you can see, I do not have a ‘stand out’ logo on my site as of yet.  The truth is I just wasn’t sure what I wanted.  Now I have a clearer understanding of the importance, my personal logo is now underway.  I hope you will come back soon to see what we have created.

Don’t be doing what I did, but instead do as I am NOW doing and suggesting you get it done.  The best time to make that great first impression is right now!  

The First Impression Can Be Your Last

It is just as true with an online presence as it is offline. You only have seconds to create a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION, and one that lasts so you do not want to mess this up.  You seriously only have seconds and online it is even more crucial to get his right.  This is part of what is brand marketing all about.

Not everyone would agree with me on this, but it is true. I once did a visual so it could be clearly seen by others in a talk that I was a guest speaker for. Of course, you go overboard a tad, but it was so very clear that everyone in the room Got It!  I used color and dressing as the topic I was speaking on was Dressing for Success.  You might be asking why this would be important if you are working from home?  I mean, no one can see you……..you could be in your jammies!

But here is the thing.  It is not only other people that will be visually attracted to you but in how you present yourself through words and design on your website.  Your comment section is a direct reflection of you and the picture someone could have of you in their mind.

You DO need to GET UP, DRESS UP, DO HAIR & MAKEUP for us Gals…SHAVE for guys!  You will feel the difference in how you approach your day, your posture and how you get your goals accomplished for the day.  It is true!  Did you know that when you are talking on the phone and you are smiling, it reflects that person you are speaking with?

Yes, it is true and if you are doubting me, I challenge you to test my theory.  Work in your ‘jams’, no shave, no shower and no hair being done.  Make notes of how your performance was for that day.  Now, day 2, get up, get dressed, shower, shave/makeup and hair.  Put on something that makes you feel good and professional.  Not a suit and tie, but you know what I mean.

The second Challenge is to put a hand mirror in front of you while you make a phone call.  Do not smile!  Be rather nonchalant and you know ‘that’ attitude.  Now, switch up and start smiling as you finish the conversation.   Can YOU feel the difference in the conversation?  Can the person you are speaking with feel the difference?

The point that has been made is that people will respond to you better, even if they cannot see you, when you are smiling and yes, dressed as the successful person you are becoming.  You are reflecting confidence and that has a winning outcome.


Which will you remember most??  Right and that is what you want to create.  This is something fun, but memorable!  Wouldn’t you agree?

who says you can't have fun for what is brand marketing.                this is what is brand marketing about


Now you may be saying but I don’t have a product! I am an affiliate marketer so why would I even worry about this? Because at any point in your marketing career you could choose to go another route. You want your readers and social media followers to remember YOU more than what it is you were doing.
Branding is so critical, and yet so simple.

A perfect example is M.L.M or Direct Sales.  Because you are taught that your product is #1, you always put the product in front and then the company with you falling into the last place.  In fact, this is completely wrong!  No one on social media or anywhere else wants to feel like they are being ‘SOLD TO’.

What happens when you leave the company or the company leaves you?  What do people remember?  YOU?  NO!  They remember you tried to sell them XYZ product or recruit them into ABC company.  Your readers or followers have no idea what took place or why you are now into a new company or business.  They just remember the ‘other one’ and guess what that does?  Creates doubt.

so many questions about what is brand marketing

What is Brand marketing is always all about You.  This is why it is so important to start branding you first.  It will take some time, but if you are consistent, you will see the fruits of your labor.

Think about how many people use the Internet every day. How are you going to get some of that attention onto yourself? You will have to ‘stand out’ and be memorable.  That is what branding does.  This answers the question what is brand marketing?  This is how you market yourself to others.

This can be done using a logo and a photo of yourself and can also be done in your author profile. If using WordPress you can do this easily with a widget or a plugin for header and footer inserts. I like the idea of the StarBox Plugin as well as it has a professional take that most others don’t offer.

You want to look professional and you want your readers to remember you and this is one of the best ways you can do this.  If using a widget, do a photo of yourself and a much shorter version of your about me page.  This can be very effective as well and costs $0 to do.

A LOGO Speaks a Million Words for You

It is very important, and so often ends up on the back burner……guilty as charged!! I really didn’t have anything in mind and as to being artistic, well, let’s just say a stickman is a difficult process! I needed help and you might too.

When you first get started learning everything it is easy to put the logo creation on the sidelines.  There is so much this seems to be one of those things that can wait.  It can, but not too long!  I am seeing more and more information on the importance of branding and your logo plays a huge role in this.

You can try and do your own. Canva is a good place to start, or you can have a pro do one for you on Fiverr or other platforms online. You can do a google search for logo creation and you will find a few.  Usually very reasonable, and it is worth the little extra if you are serious about branding You!  There are a lot of graphic designers that will do logo creations for very little.  Just put it out there, connect and get it done!


Social Media is going to play a huge role in your branding.  What is brand marketing is really all about the Social side of things.  You DO WANT people to be chatting it up about you, your brand and your logo!  This is where the consistency plays a major role!  You want your logo/brand of you to be the same across all your social media accounts.  And listen, to keep it simple, don’t worry about using every single one of them.  Pick your 4 or 5 favs.

Are you ready to begin creating your brand?  Are you ready for the challenges put out above?  I hope so and I would love to hear your thoughts in our comments section if you do either or both of the challenges.  Leave us a bit of love and share with your friends…it all comes back to you and how you brand you.  Everything we do is a direct reflection so, make it good!


Have an Awesomely Awesome day and I look forward to hearing your branding stories!

Merry C

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