What is Affiliate Marketing About

Merry Conner

Dreams do come True and they can for you too.Nothing that promises wealth overnite or costs you nothing ever is real.When you finally really get that, then you will slow down to go fast and success will be yours.

           I want To Share What Affiliate Marketing Is about With Everyone!

what is affiliate marketing about

Affiliates or M.L.M. Reps Do You ask these same questions….

Where can I find people?
⦁ How can I drive traffic to my website?
⦁ Where can I capture names?

What is Affiliate marketing about?  It is not all about the questions you just read, that’s for sure! The problem with all these questions is the terminology.  We are not looking for leads or traffic or to capture anyone. We are hopefully looking for people just like you and me who have a need or want for what we are sharing.

You drive cattle… You capture criminals!

Is that really what you want to do?  They do that a lot in MLM and Direct Sales.  At least that is the terminology they use. So, what is affiliate Marketing about, is not using this terminology?  Again, we are Passive and we earn passively by learning how first. That should answer the question, what is affiliate marketing about?

Vague terms used too often  make you think there is some kind of special type of person you should be “targeting“.. (Another word I hate).  As if there is some magic way to find these special people and only the gurus know how to do it!

We are not hunting or looking for prey! We are not hiding out in the woods ready to pounce! If we are, we have a problem.  Our job is to share with others and help where we can.

What is Affiliate marketing About

Here’s the truth…..It’s nonsense designed to steal your money!


You will need autoresponders, solo ads, traffic, leads, and a few special skills… Just Not in the beginning.  Here’s why.  You need to stop selling, stop the seller talk and start sharing and branding YOU.  People want to know YOU first! They want to know they can trust you.  And seriously, who can blame them with all the lies being told online.  You need to find the knowledge for yourself first so you can share and guide others.

What is Affiliate Marketing About?  Do You Sell Products?


Yes, you can sell products, a service or anything that people either need or may like to own.   Ordinary people like yourself, you are helping them.  An example is what we do at Karatbars, one of my affiliate offers.  We show people what Karatbars and investing is and THEY decide if they want to buy. If they want to buy we help them make their purchase and guide them through the process.  Affiliate Marketing is all about the no cost to join any company in order to share/sell their product and earn commissions.

You reach out and offer something that may or may not be of interest.  That is all you do until they ask you for more.

what isaffiliate marketing about

Doesn’t that sound better, more honest and easier?  Better than this⇓

What is affiliate marketing about
It certainly sounds better to me. I have never liked the idea that I was chasing friends and family only to have them run in the other direction. With the right platform showing you how you can do this, I don’t see any chance of that happening.

Would you rather spend time learning and paying more and more & still more, only to be still standing in the same place?   Do you have a long time to keep doing the same things over and over again?  Yeah, I didn’t either. And that answers the question, what is affiliate marketing about?

What is affiliate marketing about


Slow Down and Learn A Different Way

What is affiliate marketing about?   ⇐Click on Me

Do you know anyone who owns a business and would like a unique marketing idea? Know any Churches, charities or sports clubs who would like to raise some extra money?  People who would like a little extra or a lot of extra income? Anyone who needs to know how to do passive sales and brand themselves?

You guessed it…That’s pretty much 95% of the adult population.  And you will be very surprised at all the different ways to generate income.  From Amazon to eBay to company’s who market directly.


A simple business something for everyone.


One problem is that so-called marketing companies have led online marketers to believe that you need to be some sort of expert to be successful.  That you have to talk to anything that moves about your business and products.You are told that everyone needs your products.  NO is wonderful.  Lot’s of NO’s are Amazing.  Seriously!?

People who start an online or home business can spend thousands on “gurus” and systems that do it all for you, only to find out they can be useless and completely unnecessary. 

You can simplify all of this quickly and easily and save a ton of money.  You just need to have the knowledge.  Wealthy Affiliate is my Number #1 shout out!  10 stars is huge in this industry.  But you will see that over and over again when it is Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are looking for something you can earn extra money from my three main affiliate markets are:

  1. This might be of interest
    If I asked you to take a look at video would you watch it and tell me what you think?”
  2. Health Challenges Got You Down?   
  3. Where I chose to Learn and I started FREE

Reviews for each of these are here on my site.  You can find them listed under Educating Reviews or just click on the ones above.  Here is where you can make an informed decision before moving ahead.  That is paramount to you and your choices.  Making the decision that is right for you.


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