Women’s Fashion Trends are Losing the French Girl Look

Merry Conner

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women's fashion trends

Women’s Fashion Trends has Come a Long Way!

I would like to backtrack just a bit before jumping head first into women’s fashion trends. I started girlbossmarketingco.com to encourage women, of all ages but especially those of us who are more mature to have fun with our wardrobes AND to help build a home business for anything you may have chosen to do online. 

This doesn’t have anything to do with women’s fashion trends I know.  But, here’s the thing, we may work from home but that does not mean we should not be aware of how we look and dress each day!  Fashion and how we look and feel is reflected to others.  There are some compelling why’s.  One of which is, if you get up, get dressed and do your hair, your day will be more productive.  It’s true.

Just as it is true that when talking on the phone the party on the other end of the call can tell if you are smiling!  I was part of an experiment at a large convention of sales and marketing people where we tested this for you…..the audience in two different conference rooms being the judges.  


women's fashion trends
women's fashion trends

I have no idea who planted the fashion ideas that said if you are over 50 you can only do

  • the ‘granny panty’ ( a reflection would be swimsuits)
  • appropriate dresses showing no cleavage, (all buttoned down tight) 
  • the lengths of said skirt or dress.

This can be all good for the most part, minus the granny panties, which is a term young women came up with for the full panty vs the modern bikini or thong.  I take the words granny panties as a synonym or slang, which creates the ‘visual’ of how more mature women might dress. You do not have to dress like your Mom did/does NOR do you have to dress like your wonderful grandma did! I would just bet they would have loved to have the courage to just Go for It!!  

who says you can't have women's fashion trends

The recent trends in fashion today are going down memory lane!  It happens with a few items that have stood the test of time.  Doesn’t this ⇓ look a wee bit familiar? 

women's fashion trends

The doors are wide open so why not just go for it!! What the H E Double Hockey Sticks, we only have one life, ( that’s what they tell us) so what do you say? Should you have some fun with it and be yourself.  

More Than 55 & More Than a size 7

I am still searching for more fashion ideas and where to actually get them, which brings me to my next question.  Have you found anything fashionable for mature ladies or perhaps plus sizes?  If you have I would love to hear from you.  My comments are checked often so I will see it and I will appreciate this.

I am asking this of you because there never seems to be something in the middle that is not so far out there that you look ridiculous nor can I find plus size garments that are made of quality and don’t look like the old curtains from Uncle Bob’s room!

Trusting an online store to get the sizing right can be a nightmare.  Most are made in China if you haven’t noticed and most of those garments won’t even fit over your arm!  

I tested this market and while I can say I found a few items with great workmanship, the sizing was a disaster.  You had to order more than 3 times your normal sizing and cross your fingers.  I am still in hot pursuit to find the best so stay tuned.

A Home Business

Too often hearing this is a ‘young person’s field of expertise’ can leave you feeling a little intimidated! Most think that older individuals don’t know anything about a computer never mind thinking they could actually make some extra dollars along the way. How absurd! You might want to bite your tongue you know.  I have a couple of ‘Grans’ doing just fine and earning that extra $500 to $1000 on a regular basis.

I want everyone to know that anyone can do this.

You can have a home business and you will blow the age thing out your ear!!! Is the learning curve a little more difficult? Yes, maybe for some, but not too different from other generations.  Besides, this is not a race. You are only running against yourself.

Take your time, learn what you need to learn to get your site up and running and then keep on keeping on doing this learning thing.  ( It never stops)
Do NOT expect to see the dollars rolling in unless you have the hottest niche on the planet. And this girlfriend is where your bright light shines wayyy above those that think you can’t!!

 Here are a few more ideas for a home business that you can do with a little help and very little capital. Are you ready to see? 

  • Drop shipping 
  •  a rep for a company selling their products 
  • Blogging
  • products you have personally made. ( sell on eBay, Etsy or Shopify)

A Business from home is yes by far the easiest to get started BUT not always the easiest way to make money. You have to work daily and be prepared to be patient.  If the niche you have chosen to be affiliated with is something you love, and very popular you should be in good hands.  An example is our topic today, (women’s fashion trends) It is always easier to write about something you love. 

Just remember there are billions of people online every day!  You need to find a way to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!!! Why should they choose you?

Drop Shipping is becoming very popular in a lot of different ways you can get the help you need to get started. You could spend upwards of a few thousand dollars on training so keep your eyes open for someone you can trust to guide you. I can think of two ( no I am not affiliated) OBERLE and SALEHOO. Wholesale suppliers directory services. Both very reputable and reasonable should you want to advance.  

Being a Rep for another company usually involves MLM or Direct Sales. With most companies, you have to purchase your own products or kit to get started.  Often done as home parties and taking orders from the guests.  We now see a lot more that are using the Internet for sales as well. Stella & Dot is one I have seen and another is Stila and Sephora.  Opens up a huge playing field.

Where Am I going with this? If you don’t Love Love Love what you are doing or love your niche ( an example would be how to do marketing online, types of coffee or dog treats) Endless actually.  If you can think it, you will probably find it.

Believe in YOU and Dance to your own music. Wear what makes you happy not what someone says you have to wear. Keep your hair long or get a funky fun cut and color. Just Believe in You.

Start a home business in 2018 if you want!  Today is the first day of your tomorrow’s!  Open a storefront for fashions, learn how to make your own website!  Listen, if an 83 yr old can do this, we can too!  It’s true!  I met this gentleman on my #1 Shout Out for training in Affiliate Marketing and so much more.  And guess what, he is not the only one that is over 70 something!

Today is the age where we have the opportunity to change our futures whether we are still working a day job, home with the kid’s Mom, maybe you are a Gran or a Pappa and things didn’t go as planned in the finance dept.  You can change that if you want.  And I know you will love it as much as I have because, there is no hype, glitter or fuss about this one.  All the nonsense has been put aside and we just learn!

Have a look for yourself and please if you do want to see more, no CC is required.  You can do this forever Free or you can do a one time upgrade to have more in-depth training.


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