How to Make A WordPress Landing Page

Merry Conner

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A WordPress Landing Page

The WordPress Landing Page and implementing it is NOT all that and a bag of chips simple like they say.  So I started looking for landing page building that was simple to do and very reasonable.  It took a little bit as I was looking at others that had been recommended and wanted to find a good fit for me.

One turned out to be very expensive and in the end not very user-friendly.  Especially for anyone who has techno-phobia like me!  So I decided to go out on a limb after giving that one a try and did some research and I found simplicity X3!    When you are new to WordPress and the WordPress Landing Page learning curve, you want to have some flexibility.  In my instance, it was a need to have.


Here is what I needed, maybe you do too?

  • ease of use ( user-friendly with the stress on friendly)
  • low cost (like really low)
  • compatible with WordPress
  • fun to use ( more fun than frustration)

I had made several attempts at the how to of a WordPress Landing Page and it was just so frustrating!!  I would end up stopping and starting over and over again as I watched the Tutorials.  I will be more than honest with you, I am not the smartest when it comes to anything technical on the computer, but on the other hand, I am not the dumb ass that so many programs make you feel like either.  When you are a visual learner you need simplicity.  Not quite point and click but I think you get the idea.

WordPress is user friendly ecept when it comes to the how to WordPress Landing Page

If you can make a website using WordPress you would think you could ‘get’ the how to of making a WordPress Landing Page!  You would, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, I thought so…..but it just wasn’t happening!

The One That they said was Good to Go

gone and forgotten how to wordpress landing page

Was really the one that was gone and forever lost!  It was Not user-friendly, the training was intense and the costs were climbing.  That is not what you want to try and do when you are still learning everything else there is to learn about setting up a website or blog.  It is so easy to get caught up in the glitter and what is ‘supposed’ to make things run easier and fetch you tons of new prospects.

Sure, I will be honest.  I did get caught up in that but in my own defense, it was because I was in desperation mode.  Not a very glamorous mode to be in!  No makeup, hair all turned into those ‘fro curls’ and still in your jammies at 4:00 P.M. ( told you it wasn’t pretty)

It was a stressful time that how to wordpress landing page information

I am thinking I perhaps got ahead of myself which is pretty easy to do.  Honestly, the best thing you could do for yourself is to get the help and training you need to do this right first.  Stay focused and then branch out.   It is so easy to get distracted and lose your focus with so much on the Internet vying for your attention.

WordPress Landing Page Flunkie to Genius!


I feel so smart today as I found out How to Worpress landing page works

I feel so smart today!  Yup, yup I do.  When you see what I found in my search it is so fun.  If you like monkeys you are going to love this.  Seriously, you will like how flexible this is.

I am going to share with you the video I found that shows us how to do build a landing page and yes, it is WordPress friendly.  As a suggestion, and only because so many show you only a fraction of what it takes to actually do this,  I recommend you pause the video a few times and even take some notes.  Just in case.

Here is Why You Can and Here is the Simplicity

Time to ‘Fess Up’

No, not that!  When I was first introduced to this I hesitated, so I get where you might be hesitating too. But you know what, when I actually got down to it and took the time to watch the videos and see what could be done, I was sure.  And that is why I feel confident in sharing with you today.

It is my passion to find what works and then share only the best with you here.  If I can overcome my fears, then you can too.  This is seriously the best one I could find to share with you today.  If better comes along, then that will be shared too and nothing lost.  You gained the knowledge of seeing how to do this so if there is anything else, it should be a pretty easy set-up.  At this day and time, that has not happened so give the monkey his banana and have a bit of fun.

Take a Free spin and see how it feels first.  How will you know this is what will work for you if you don’t at least try it first?  so fast are the how to WordPress landing page videos


So, even if you weren’t quite ready to check it out, how about leaving a comment or question for me? Have you found something that is easier than this or less expensive in the end?  We are always on the look out for better to offer our readers, so please feel free to share.  You might even consider some love with one of the social icons.  By the way, you could bookmark this post and come back when you ARE ready too.  I will welcome you back.

Wishing you much success in all that you do…….


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